Our Favorite Subscription Boxes

This past year subscription boxes have gotten crazy popular. With that boom in demand came a huge increase in supply as well, classic economics. There are now boxes whose contents include everything from coffee, to designer clothes, to home décor. There is a box for everyone and their mother…literally.

With so many to choose from, where do you start? We'd like to introduce you to our top 3 favorite:

BarkBox- With a name that rolls off the tongue, BarkBox has quickly become the best pet subscription on the market. They have been around since 2011, so...

Airbnb for Campers at Heart

Written by @hammockliving
Now is the time to start planning your Adventures for 2017. Here is an awesome guide to get you started.
Airbnb has turned the hospitality industry on its head, offering travelers more overnight options, typically at lower prices. I personally love using Airbnb when I travel because it’s fun to live like a local while exploring new places and if you’re traveling with a group, a larger house is going to be way more cost effective than separate hotel rooms.

Holiday Roadtrip Survival Guide

When you hear the words “Holiday Travel” what comes to mind? For most people, it’s navigating their way across the country through airport lines and enduring cramped plane seating. But, most people would probably be wrong. Per the AAA, the clear majority of holiday travelers choose to make their way to their loved ones via the roads. In 2015, almost 42 million Americans drove, while only 3.6 million flew. Crazy huh? In the spirit of the holiday roadtrip, here are some of our tips for making your adventure better.



Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Gear Edition

Christmas is right around the corner which means the gift buying season is upon us. A certain few still have a few weeks before they begin their last minute present purchasing routine and an even smaller number already have theirs wrapped and ready to go. But for the majority of us, it’s prime time for holiday deals. Here some of our favorite gift ideas for that cherished one that loves to travel, adventure and explore.


  1. As temperatures drop and the weather gets a bit more rugged there’s nothing better than some hot coffee or a strong beverage to...

Three Reasons Why Hammock Camping is Better Than Tent Camping

 Whenever I would travel around the United States, I would often lug around a large heavy tent to set up wherever I wanted to camp for the night. This past year, however, I switched from bringing a tent to a hammock and, for many reasons, this change has made my camping experiences much more enjoyable overall. These are the three biggest reasons why hammock camping is much more preferable to tent camping when traveling.  


  1. Hammocks are far more convenient to pack and transport

Tents are often the largest single item most people bring on camping trips...