The Outdoor Retail Employee Purchase Program is an exclusive special pricing program we created for Retail Shop Employees.If you work for an outdoor retail shop, please apply for the program by completing the information below. You can expect to hear back from us within 48 hours.
  1. Fill out the application below to apply.
  2. Shop email is required to validate your store affiliation. If you don’t have a shop email, upload proof of employment.
  3. We’ll review your application within 48 hours and email you the status of the application and membership.
  4. Upon acceptance, follow the instructions received via acceptance email.
  5. Employee pricing/discount will be displayed automatically after logging in.
  6. Already have an account and want to be included in the Employee Purchase Program? Contact us.
Terms & Conditions: Discounts are for you and you only. Maximum of $1000 per year is allowed under the program. Abuse of the program will probably get you kicked out.