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The 8 Essentials You Need for Every Adventure


Evolution Hammock

The ultimate hammock with a built-in sleeping bag. Comfort and warmth, all in one. This sleeping system is packable and super easy to use.

Compass 360° Stool

You'll want this tool in your pack for a multitude of activities–cooking, repairs, or just resting along the way. This seat is ergonomic and packs super small so you still have room for everything else.


We recommend investing in a solid headlamp with a long battery life so whether you're up in the night for a bathroom break or just arriving to camp a little late you won't get lost on your way. If you have space, a lantern or some extra lights can help add some comfort to your site. Just don't forget to enjoy the light of the stars.


There are some solid options on the market for this, but reliable is best. Whatever you are used to that will get you a fire in a pinch is essential. Staying warm, cooking, and safety all are major benefits of having a nice (well-maintained) fire. Just keep Smokey happy and keep it in the pit!

Versatile Apparel

Dress for the adventure you're planning on. A great pair of pants, a solid jacket, anti-microbial tee, and great socks are necessities! Pack what you need, and make sure you keep it dry.

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While some might consider it apparel, the right footwear provides you with a tool for success. Whether it's added grip or traction, a way to walk on snow, or swim faster while snorkeling—make sure you put your best foot forward.


A shelter, a rain-fly, or a place to sleep—the Moab is a perfect product to have for all situations. Whether it's keeping you dry in rain or snow or used to hang your food away from critters, be prepared with this all-in-one tarp.


While water isn't technically gear, there are important things you can use to get clean water wherever you go without having to pack the kitchen sink. Make sure you drink plenty and hydrate properly to keep adventuring!