Top 10 Gifts for Dads


10. TrunkTech™ Hammock

Find just the right print for your man's style in our softest and strongest hammock available.

9. Mayfly Chair

Dad can go further with this lightweight packable chair. Whether it's hiking, at the beach, or heading to a festival—this is a perfect gift for him.

8. Oars & Alps Everyday Essentials Kit

Everything he needs to keep his hair, skin, and body fresh and luxurious.

7. Near Zero Mini Stove

Perfect for the backwoods chef, this is one of the lightest weight cooking options in the world.

6. Evolution Hammock

Part sleeping bag, part hammock—the perfect upgrade for any hammock lover.

5. Mantis Chair

Our most comfortable chair, with a taller back for go-anywhere stability.

4. Ridgemont Footwear

Footwear made for the mountains and the casual workday. Check out unique colorways and styles your outdoorsman is sure to enjoy.

3. ShadeCaster

The perfect place for a summertime beach nap. Let dad take a load off in these shelters.

2. Moab all-in-one shelter

Man loves a tool? Get him the greatest multi-tool of all shelters.

1. Compass 360° Stool

Between affordability and being a beautifully innovative product, this stool is the most coveted gift for any man that ever multitasks outside.