Depending on who you ask, most people would probably say that they've given up a lot this past year, so why start the new one giving up even more? We think you should be adding things to your life not taking them away. There are so many things you can change without subtracting from your life. Add friends, add love, add Adventure, add whatever makes you happy! Here are some things Grand Trunk is resolving to add in 2017.



Someone once said that "no friend is an accident", and at Grand Trunk we like to consider everyone we cross paths with a friend. That could be anyone from the amazing team we work with, to the rad ass ambassadors that support us, to our fans, followers and customers. Whoever they are, we want to add more people to the group that we call friends. 


It happens every year, we say we’re going to give up carbs, gluten, meat, alcohol, something that we believe is going to improve our health. But much of our "give up list" tend to include many of our favorite things. At least for me it does. Why give up something you know you love when you can add something new, something that you could learn that you love?

Some of our favorite activities include hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, surfing, camping, stand up paddle boarding and rock climbing to name a little more than a few. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. And who knows, you may find a couple of those new friends we've been looking for. 

 Our resolution is to create a healthy world for all of us to get out and explore. So, we are partnering with the National Forest Foundation and their “Trees for us program”. For every dollar donated on our website, Grand Trunk will match the donation. After all, it takes 2 trees to hang a hammock

forest scene



Grand Trunk was built on the foundation of Adventure. Its roots will always be with the great unknown and the exploration that will forever accompany it. But adventure doesn’t always have to be in a far-off land, it can just as easily be found close by.

At Grand Trunk, we will always be out and about exploring the world but in addition to our travels we are resolving to adventure into the research and development of new and innovative gear. Our biggest goal is to provide the world with the gear necessary to find their adventure and conquer it.


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