Hammocks and road trips go hand-in-hand.

There's nothing quite like reclining in a nest of tree-slung fabric and blankets after spending hours cooped up in the car.

Here are three top spots to hang your ‘mock when you’re on the road.

1. The Classic Tree Sling

Of course, finding a spot with two trees where you can hang your hammock is ideal.

a girl sleeping in a pink tie-dye hammock

The trees give you a much needed break from the boxed confines of your car, and looking up into a canopy as birds flit between the leaves, well… let’s just say it’s one of our favorite things.

2. Car to Tree

If you have a good tree but can’t find two that are near enough to each other or far enough apart, search your car for a connection point. The most obvious is a roof rack: most should be able to hold your weight if you tie the hammock from the roof rack to a tree*.

Otherwise, you may be able to find a connection point, depending on your vehicle, that you could use to hang your hammock on the other end.

3. Use a Hammock Stand

If you are nowhere near a tree of formidable size, or if you cannot reasonably get your car close enough to a tree, consider a hammock stand. Hammock stands are saviors to hammocks everywhere, letting you hammock here, hammock there, hammock anywhere.

*Disclaimer: We are in no way responsible if your roof rack is not strong enough to hold your weight. We cannot test every roof rack, car, and tree combination to guarantee this will work, therefore we must say: try at your own risk. Classic line

hammock stand with a blue hammock strung across it

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Austin Wilson