Outdoor Retailer is the Superbowl for outdoor brands. It’s an opportunity to show off in front of more people than any other show throughout the year and brands don’t mess around. You could get lost in there for days and still not see everything. We are all familiar with the Northface’s and Patagonia’s of the industry, that’s why we picked out 5 brands that really stood out to us.



Mountain Khakis

- Lucky for us, we were just down the aisle from Mountain Khakis because they attracted a lot of traffic to their booth. The Trailhead to Tailgate to Tavern campaign perfectly combines active yet laidback lifestyle we love. Plus, their stuff is just awesome. I need a sweet vest ASAP.



Goal Zero

These guys have been crushing it for a while now, their portable power kits are second to none. From phone chargers to several types of lighting options to generators, if you’re going to be outdoors overnight you shouldn’t be without some type of Goal Zero power system.




Native Eyewear

Thanks to a sweet pro-deal I snagged a pair of these for way less than they’re worth, I totally would have paid full price online. Native not only makes rad sunnies with polarized lenses but they also make ridiculously awesome goggles as well. If you’re looking to upgrade your face gear for the slopes, look no further.




Drink Tanks

In a world where water bottles are becoming as common as hats or socks, Drink Tanks stand apart. When it comes to beverage storage and portage, DrinkTanks doesn’t mess around with anything less than 64oz. The DrinkTanks® Growler was designed to meet the growing demand for premium craft beer containers. After two years of research and development, DrinkTanks launched The Perfect Growler & Personal Keg to keep beer cold, fresh, and carbonated. Add to that 15 stylish finishes and you’ve got yourself a party!




Danner Boots

Danner started out as a company that made high-quality, low cost work boots. While they still do that, they also are rockstars when it comes to hunting, fishing, hiking and even sleek lifestyle boots. They’ve even teamed up with great designers from Topo and New Balance to make killer boots to wear out to the tavern with your Mountain Khakis!


While all of these brands make Bad Ass products, our favorite part is that they all pair perfectly with a Grand Trunk Hammock. So slap on some Mountain Khakis and Danner boots, grab your Goal Zero power packs, throw on your Native sunnies, hang your Hammock and sip some beverages from your DrinkTank. Sounds like a good day!

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