We love adventure and are constantly seeking new sources of inspiration. One that has use particularly stoked: free diving.

Let us wax poetic for a second: adventure is about being uncomfortable, going new places, and the thrill that comes along with it. It’s embracing "the unknown" wholeheartedly and forging forward.

There are a lot of activities that embody adventure. You can climb mountains, you can travel, you can rappel into vast canyons.

Free diving is one of the most sensitive forms of adventure. When you free dive, you dive as deep as you can with no air assistance. And there is no “underwater survival skills” because if your resources run out, you’re done.

There is a lot of risk in free diving.

And as with any adventure, you don’t have to do it. It is entirely an act of human volition and curiosity.

Given the heightened risk, the unexplored terrain, and the incredible sights, free diving is just about the epitome of adventure.

Check out this video of free diving into Dean's Blue Hole

Now, we can't all go free diving. But we can embody adventure in our everyday lives — we can seek the unknown, embrace uncertainty, and move forward with curiosity.

This is everything #AdventureAnywhere stands for. So, the next time you have the option to sit it out or dance, remember these divers — and dance.

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Austin Wilson