We think Hammock Camping should be a year-round activity, but how do you stay comfortable when the harsh winter arrives? As you sleep, your body temperature drops to its lowest level. These lower body temps are important to aid rest, but you don’t want to be waking up completely numb and frozen. Hammock or Car Camping in warm locations is great, but you could be missing out on beautiful winter countrysides if you flee the cold. Beyond the obvious of bringing a warm sleeping bag, what other tricks can you use to stay warm overnight?


Stay Dry

Staying dry can allow you to enjoy camping all year round. Getting your sleeping bag, groundsheet and clothing wet is one of the main ways heat is lost. Stay warm and comfortable by learning how to avoid heat from escaping. If any of your clothes are damp, change them before getting into your sleeping bag.

Speaking of clothes, don’t wear too many while asleep. If you begin to sweat, this could freeze during the night and leave you even colder.

Also, be sure to set up a rain and wind shelter in case of a downpour and to combat moisture throughout the night. It’s almost impossible to stay warm if your camping gear is wet. Lastly, grab yourself a waterproof Adventure Sheet blanket to use as a ground cover to set your gear on to avoid the morning dew or snowy ground.

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Raise Your Sleeping Bag

Bear Grylls has often claimed that “one layer beneath you is worth two on top”, and he’s right. Heat escapes mainly due to conduction through what you are touching, so the cold hard ground will make you colder than the air above. Invest in a high-quality sleeping pad over blankets. This will also allow you to bring less stuff because just one sleeping mat will do the job of thick blankets and jumpers. Choose a material that is insulating to avoid cold-related injuries. You’ll also be more comfortable throughout the night.

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Use an Emergency Foil Blanket

Okay, so you’ve just been told not to use extra blankets. However, this emergency blanket isn’t for covering your body. Instead, you can string up a guy line above your hammock and hang the emergency blanket over it to radiate heat back down onto your body. The foil is designed to reflect heat and stop it from escaping. 

Staying warm while camping is essential for safety and comfort. Packing the right clothes and sleeping bag should be your first priority, but make sure you know other ways of retaining warmth. Keep your gear as dry as possible and insulate yourself from the cold air underneath you. A foil blanket can lock in even more heat, but be creative and see what other ideas you can come up with.



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