Our Top 7 Must-Have Beach Products



Keep the sand off and the party going with our patented parasheet. With it's unique sand anchor corner pockets, you won't blow away in the wind.


Give yourself your own personal oasis on the beach! With UPF+50 protection and waterproof material, you'll be ready for summer rain or shine.


The sport of roundnet, aka "that yellow trampoline game" aka "if volleyball and foursquare had a baby"—keep the crew entertained!

Hangout Hammock Stand

This stand is super durable and perfect for all of your beach adventures. With it's carry bag, it is easy to haul and set up quickly so you won't miss a moment hanging in the cool ocean breeze.

Mayfly Chair

The perfect beach chair, ready for a long easy breezy day in the sun. Lean back and relax on any terrain with your toes in the water.

Eco Tote

You're going to need a great bag for carrying everything in and this is it. One or two of these will fit all of the snacks, floaties, and extra gear you need.

Glide SUP

Don't forget to get out on the water with some of the best paddle boards on the market. Glide keeps things packable and affordable—we love their gear!