Summer is an amazing time to go rock climbing. A day at the crag with friends is a great way to enjoy fresh air and warm weather while sending some epic routes. 

But what if you could make a day of climbing even better? And more comfortable?

Bring a hammock on your next climbing adventure. Trust us -- it's going to change the game completely. Here are three reasons why climbing and hammocking make the perfect summer combo. 

hammocking next to a mountain lake

Enjoy Your Rest Breaks

When you go cragging with a group of people, you won’t be climbing the whole time.

Chances are you’ll climb a route then take a break and belay a friend or two until your turn comes around again. With a hammock, resting between climbs becomes much more comfortable. 

Just set it up between some nearby trees, and you have the perfect place to relax your whole body before your next route. This also makes it more comfortable to stay put in the same area longer, so that you can get the most out of each site. 

No More Craning Your Neck to Watch Your Friends Climb

Man scaling a smooth rock face

Every belayer knows the feeling—that painful crick in the back of your neck that comes from looking up at whoever’s up on the rock.

You want to watch your friends climb, but after a while, you probably get tired and find yourself stretched out on a rock or the ground to get a more comfortable view. With a hammock, you’ll never have to worry about a cramped neck again. Sitting or lying in a hammock puts your body at the perfect angle for watching people climb. 

If It Gets Too Hot, Find Shade and Chill Out

Summer climbing can be tricky. In the middle of the day, the sun can heat up the rock to the point where climbing is no longer comfortable or even possible. One solution is to climb in the morning and in the afternoon, when the sun isn’t directly overhead. This schedule can be inconvenient—unless you bring a hammock. When it gets too hot to climb, just find a cool, shady spot and hang out until the temperature dips back down. You can read, nap, or chat with friends while hanging in your hammock. 

The possibilities are endless when you combine rock climbing and hammocking. (We’ve even heard of people using a hammock to keep their rope clean when they accidentally left the tarp at home.) This summer and fall, we hope you get out and discover for yourself even more ways that hammocks make outdoor rock climbing even better.

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Austin Wilson