Here at Grand Trunk, we love to inspire our community to #hanganywhere. And we REALLY love it when our customers find beautiful places to hang their hammocks. 

The creativity in hammock hanging has blown our minds, but we know there are still some places where hanging a hammock just isn't possible. Sometimes the coolest locations don't have trees with the right size or proximity to support your favorite hang. 

Fear not, hammock lovers. This summer, Grand Trunk has the solution you've been waiting for: The Hangout Hammock Stand

Introducing the Hangout Hammock Stand

Hammock Without Trees

This all-new hammock stand is simple, strong and sturdy, with two specially designed mounting points to hang from. Each hammock stand comes with two 18-inch trunk straps, and the stand will work with any single or double hammock. At 32 lbs, it’s a lightweight option compared to many other popular Hammock Stands, which makes it portable and easy to set up. A staple piece for car camping. Oh did we forget to mention that it comes with a carry case AND it can hold up to 400 pounds.

Just like that, the whole world is a hammock-friendly zone. Now you really can hang anywhere, even if your favorite spot doesn’t have a tree in sight, like pictured here in Joshua National Park where it's illegal to hammock from any tree. We have a feeling the Hangout Hammock Stand will inspire even more creativity in our quest to #hanganywhere. 

Need some inspiration? Here are a few cool places to hang now that trees are optional.

Hang at the Beach 

Take your beach camping to the next level with the hammock stand. It will keep you up off the sand for a more comfortable and less gritty night of sleep. Wake up to a perfect view of the water, play all day, repeat.

Hang at Home 

Best addition to any backyard? Duh...

But who says hammocks are only good for outside? Now, you can set up your hammock anywhere in your house without drilling any holes (renters, rejoice).

You can set up a funky seating area for your guests, or add a cozy hang to your bedroom. If you have the space in your house to hang a hammock -- why not?? 

Hang In the Desert 

Southern Utah (and lots of similar high deserts all over the southwestern United States) are amazing destinations for camping, hiking, rock climbing, and looking at incredible rock formations, but trees are few and far between. With the Hangout Hammock Stand, you can setup your camping hammock and relax without ever having to wonder if that scraggly little juniper tree can hold your weight. 

We are so excited to see where you go and what you do with the Hangout Hammock Stand! Remember to share your best #hanganywhere ideas with us on Instagram and Facebook.

No Trees? No Problem.  Hangout Hammock Stand Hang Anywhere