National Hammock Day (July 22nd)

Saturday July 22nd is National Hammock Day, aka the greatest day of the year. I know what you’re thinking, what about Christmas and New Years and the 4th of July? OK OK, you get those days off work/school, I hear you. They're pretty great too, but just hear me out…


What’s the best part about lounging in a hammock? Is it the soft sway in the cool breeze? Possibly. The melting away of fears, stressors and responsibilities? Are you ever alone? Sometimes, sure, but when you picture it are you with your closest crew? We hope so.

For us, that’s what hammocking is all about. That feeling of pure freedom when you kick your feet up, elevate yourself and just hang. We don’t ask you to #HangAnywhere just to inspire you to get out and take ridiculously awesome pictures, (even though we really love it when you do) we ask you to #HangAnywhere so you can feel the same way we feel when we hang with our favorite people(and paws). Blessed.

Man hammocking by the beach with his dog

That’s why we love National Hammock Day! In the come together spirit of National Hammock Day we want to help spread the comradery by offering awesome discounts on Hammocks. So, head over to our official National Hammock Day website, get involved, win some prizes and HAVE FUN!!

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When is National Hammock Day? July 22nd. All day

What is National Hammock Day? A day that all hammockers, young and old, gather together to hang out celebrate their favorite past time.

What to do on National Hammock Day? Since it’s on a Saturday in 2017, you have all day to enjoy it. If it were up to us, we would grab a couple friends, even more snacks, maybe a puppy or two and hit up our favorite spot for a nice long hang sesh. But that’s just us.

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