Deserted island + hammock = heaven. There isn’t anything better than relaxing in a hammock as it sways in the ocean breeze. We took a couple of Grand Trunk Parachute Hammocks and strung them up between the palm trees outside of our hut. The notched straps and attached carabiners make the hammocks a breeze to set-up. The hammock stuffs small into the attached or included pouch to facilitate easy transporting. Spread the fabric out fully for a two-person or cocoon hammock, or double up for a classic experience. We liked the vibrant colors and fun patterns of the Grand Trunk offerings. We also brought a Grand Trunk Parasheet Beach Blanket and fell in love with the rather simple yet ingenious design that grabs and anchors to the sand. Come what may, the Parasheet held onto the shore while we explored the shallows of the ocean and depths of the palm groves.