We asked a few of our ambassadors why they love our TrunkTech Hammocks, here is what they had to say

Royce Fonseca @casunshine0508

"TheTrunk Tech hammock has always been part of my go-to gear! I've taken myhammock backpacking several times, sleeping under the stars. I like thesoft material, the vibrant colors and the coordinating colored TrunkStraps you can get to complete the look. When it comes to adventurephotography, the details matter and Grand Trunk is definitely a win forthat. You can't go wrong with this hammock that comes with a lifetimeguarantee!"

Zak Stone @zakstonephotography

"TheTrunkTech hammocks are one of my favorite fabrics from the Grand Trunkline. The light weight and thin material packs down smaller than youraverage Hammock fabrics.  I really like the double TrunkTech hammock,it’s my go to for backpacking"

Kelsie and Aspen@goldengalaspen

"TheTrunkTech Hammocks are my favorite because they’re buttery soft, superdurable and come in a variety of fun patterns! I love them so much that Ihave an entire drawer cart dedicated to just my collection TrunkTechhammocks!"

Clifford Johnson @gopro4it

"My favorite hammock type is the trunk tech for a couple of reasons! The silky smooth material put me and my family to sleep most times relaxing at the parks and or on vacation! They have an amazing color and pattern selection for my large family to choose from and can withstand all that my children have to offer."

Frank Colorado @speakingquitefrankly

"A perfect union of lightweight and strength with bright colors and bold design. This is the material I need for both adventuring and lounging alike."

Paul Asay