By Ambassador Whitney Price

Did you know that deserts have some of the most dramatic temperature swings? Fun Fact: The reason desert areas get so hot (during the day), and subsequently so cold (at night time), is a combination of two key factors: sand and humidity.

Still though, most will tell you there’s no need for a blanket when heading off on a road trip to the desert, right? Wrong! Especially when it’s a girls trip, I mean, we like comfort -- just ask Ambassador Whitney Price!

ThermaQuilt 3-in-1

Whitney and her gal pal headed off on a dry, hot and very sandy girls trip through some of the hotter parts of the U.S like Death Valley and Joshua Tree, CA. While it’s well known that Whitney doesn’t travel many places without her GT hammock, her other travel ‘must have’ is the 360° ThermaQuilt. Why? So many reasons, keep reading to learn more! 

“My 360° ThermaQuilt is the best, and comes in handy in the least expected scenarios. It’s not just a warm blanket, it doubles as an underquilt for my hammock and transforms into a Sleeping Bag with a pull of a string which makes it the perfect take anywhere, any time of year item.

I felt absolutely ridiculous bringing a down blanket with me to Death Valley in May for a girls trip, but for some reason, something was telling me I should just pack it. Through places like painted hills, salt flats and sand dunes, my friend and I had some late night and real early morning photo missions. With the temperature swings we experienced, I’m glad we had the thermaquilt to keep us warm when the heat of the sun wasn’t as apparent. Whether we wrapped it around us and cuddled up like bffs do, or laid it down to protect us from harsh ground, It allowed us to comfortably stay out late watching stars as the coyotes howled and wake up before the sun to catch the pretty colors rise above the dunes-- while staying warm. 

A favorite part of the trip was a glamping stay we had booked in Joshua Tree. Had linens not been provided for us here, I would 100% have used the Thernaquilt as a sleeping bag, like I've done on many occasions before. Instead, we woke up to catch the sunrise on our last day and used the Thermaquilt to stay warm while waking up to coffee outside of our canvas tent. It was the perfect way to end the best girls trip. I remember a thought I had when returning home and began to unpack. As I reached into my pack for the Thermaquilt to place back in it’s home in my gear closet I said “Hmm, bringing this bad boy wasn't so silly afterall!.” - Whitney

Moral of our story? It’s never too hot to have one of your favorite blankets on you, you’ll never know when it will come in handy and help make you feel cozy!

Grand Trunk Staff