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When camping, you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You’ve gotta really embrace being dirty, sleeping on the ground, preparing food over fires or small stoves… Roughing it can be tough sometimes! Don’t get me wrong. I love camping, but I have also found a few shortcuts along the way that me save time and keep me comfy. Here are a few pro camping tips for your next trip – thank me later!


Fill a Nalgene with hot water and put it between your upper thighs when you go to sleep. If you have two Nalgenes, even better. Fill them both and put the other by your feet inside your sleeping bag. The coldest night I spent camping was en route to the summit of Mt. Whitney, about 12,000 feet up, in October, the end of hiking/climbing season before winter rolls in. This trick SAVED ME. The hot water heats up your whole body by warming the blood that’s carried throughout your body. It is the difference of shivering all night or relaxing inside your sleeping bag and getting some much needed shut eye.


I keep all of my car camping essentials in a large plastic box in the garage, so everything’s in one place and ready to go for the next trip. This includes but is not limited to: pots, pans, cups, plates, silverware, cooking utensils, plastic wine glasses, etc. (and I always give everything a good, proper wash when I get home from each trip); French press and coffee accoutrements (necessary); s’mores sticks; small camp towels; toiletries; dish soap; mini salt/pepper and other vital seasonings; JetBoil and gas canister; fire starter accessories; lantern; first aid kit; compass and extra rope (you never know).


I sometimes like to prep food before leaving home to make things a little easier at the campsite. I love egg scrambles for breakfast – simple and delicious! – so will chop ingredients and mix everything with the eggs in advance, so all I have to do is pour it into the pan. I also love hot dogs, nowhere more so than at a baseball game or camping. And how do you improve an already perfect culinary delight like a hot dog? By adding bacon, obviously. I like to do the prep work in advance so keep things (my hands) clean while camping, so I wrap the dogs with bacon at home so they’re ready to go.


Speaking of improving upon perfect foods… S’mores are my favorite. They’re one of the absolute highlights of the entire camping experience! And one little tip I have for you is to swap out the chocolate bar for Nutella and your friends and family will love you forever. You’re so brilliant!!!
hammocking at night on a mountain
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