Instead of “chilling”, kids these days have been “mocking”. Instead of “hanging”, they are… well, they’re still hanging… Literally.

Hammocking is getting more popular by the minute. College kids are always looking for new ways to make friends, get out of the dorm and pass the time. Students today rave about the calming escape that hammocks provide. And guess what, they can do it ANYWHERE on campus… almost anywhere.

Here are the top 5 reasons Mocking is a college essential:

1. Ice-breaker

Students love to hang in-between classes, during their free time and pretty much anytime they get a minute. Enjoying the sun, co-eds throw Frisbees or lay out on their favorite blanket and read. But getting out and meeting new people is the best part of any college experience, and what better way to do it than sharing a double hammock? Or, if you have a bit of style, I guarantee a tie-dye or flannel print hammock will draw an immeasurable amount of “Where’d you get that?” inquiries. Each one could be a potential best friend… or maybe more ;). You never know who you’re going to meet!

2. Power naps and De-Stress sessions

Only 20-minutes between classes? Class ended a bit early? Today’s parachute nylon hammocks weigh between 16-28 ounces so students are able to carry it everywhere. Compared to text books, your backpack won’t even feel the extra 28 ounces of fun. And with hammock suspension systems, hanging a hammock is incredibly easy. Just find a couple of anchor points and lay back. So grab a 20-minute power nap, read a favorite book, or just sway with the buzz of the campus traffic.

3. Study sessions

We’ve heard from so many students that the library can be even more distracting than their dorms. Many kids have started studying for their biggest tests in the comfort of their hammocks. Who knew a hammock could be an efficient study space? For those who think hammocks are only meant for the wilderness, think again. Have your next group study sesh suspended 2 feet in the air and work those books in style.

 4. Bonding

College students love finding new ways to hang out with friends. Whether it be hitting the gym, joining a Fraternity/Sorority or finding the cheapest place for some grub, being around others is one of the best parts of college. Most recently, hammocking has been a staple of the “hang out” culture on campuses across the country. Some students like to enjoy the company of others while some like to hang by themselves. Netflix and hang… Is that a thing?

 5. Building community

When your friend gets a hammock you need one too, it’s friend law. Hammock communities around schools have dramatically increased over the past year, there are hammock clubs in many schools nationwide who organize huge hangouts like the one at the University of Florida. It’s not just about relaxing but also about helping students get to know each other and enjoying the campus life.

 So get your hammock and #hanganywhere!

students hammocking at the University of Florida

University of Florida Hammock Club

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