#HangtheMoon Campout - The GT Paddle Fest

9 guys, 3 days, 2 nights, 32 miles in a canoe, 1 awesome adventure. We set out early Friday morning with bridled excitement, ready to conquer whatever the weekend had in store for us. The drive from Chicago to Spring Green Wisconsin spanned a 200 miles, nothing compared to what lay ahead.


Once we arrived, paired off and situated our boats we pushed of from Peck’s Landing. Almost immediately a bald eagle duo graced the skies, in all of their patriotic glory. Almost as if they were saying “welcome to your journey, you made the right decision”.  


It took a couple miles for some of us to get our bearings in the canoes, while those more familiar with their intricacies were kind enough to slow the pace. Serpentine was definitely the path of choice most of the first day, there were not many straight lines to be had.

We paddled a bit further than planned that first day but, by grand design, we found the perfect spot to setup camp as well as our hammocks. No tents on this trip, we were bound and determined to sleep under the stars. Between the type of hammock, sleeping bag arrangement, sleeping pad, no two people had the same experience. But to completely honest, I think the dude who won the weekend was the smart man that brought the hammock compatible sleeping bag/travel pillow combo. While everyone else had minor complaints (Chilly toes, ears, nose) he was snug as a bug the whole weekend.

sleeping bag hammock hung between two trees

The night was beautiful, the moon was full, and so were our bellies. There’s not much better than spending the night outdoors under the big black skies. And there’s no better way to do it than in a hammock. We stepped out into the wild a bit and there wasn’t a better crew to do it with.

By the end of the trip we had 3 boat tips, 2 perfect moons, 1 sunken phone and 9 fully satisfied adventurers. If you didn’t #HangTheMoon this past month I highly suggest planning a trip and connecting with the endless skies.


nighttime scene featuring a purple sky and a purple hammock

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