So you’ve found yourself at your gate, ready to board your flight, and just realized you totally forgot to get a gift for a cousin or in-law. Before spiraling into a panic, take a deep breath, and let us share with you some great gifts you can actually get at the airport!

Depending on who you are buying for there are tons of great options located within your terminal.

Airport Terminal Gift Ideas:

Buying for a bookworm? 

Beyond the tabloids and fashion mags, there are actually some great good books in available at the airport. Look out for some of our favorites like,Wild, Into the Wild, and to stick with our ‘wild’ theme, Where the Wild Things Are (not just for kids!)

Gadget Maniac? 

Chances are you are within reach of a Brookstone store, here you can find the perfect gift for almost anyone! Shopping for an adventurer on the move? How about a portable solar power-charging panel.

Or maybe you are shopping for a fitness enthusiast; help them track their activity with a Fitbit Wristband.

Give them some local flavor!  

If, like us, you are from Chicago, you know the smell of Garrett’s can be intoxicating. Luckily you can buy a tin right before getting on the plane and they will never know!

For those of you not in Chicago, pick out some local flavor from your region, maybe that’s a bottle of barbeque sauce, a local team jersey, or other specialty to bring a little of your home to your family.

Looking for more sentimental value?  

A deck of cards and a sharpie may not seem like the best gift, but if you take each card and write a touching memory, or a future adventure you want to have with this person it can make a seemingly simple gift a really heartwarming surprise. 

Or are you shopping for an avid adventurer?

If so, give them Goods for the Road … From the road. Don’t worry about getting them the perfect piece of gear they need, or waiting around to get a gift card in the mail. There are no excuses, you can easily order a digital Grand Trunk Gift they will love you forever despite your gift-giving inefficiencies.

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Jon Neff