Welcome to the latest installment of Cabin Fever. We’ve been enjoying the journey with you so far, and judging from your responses it seems like you’ve been digging it, too! Quarantine has been a strange trip so far, but it’s beautiful to see people reaching out and connecting with us. We’ve gotten notes from some of you that have humbled us and made our hearts swell with pride. Like this one from Mia T., who has fallen on some hard times in the wake of the virus:

“I grabbed my hammock, got on my bike and took it to a park where I went all the way to the back corner away from all the people and hung it up....I haven't felt that peace in a long time and I'm so thankful that you guys made a hammock strong enough to hold me up both physically and metaphorically.”

And then there's this adorable note from Lucilia M. Who knew we could help someone with their homework!

Eating Your Way To Sanity

Anyone else getting tired of mac n’ cheese? Don’t know what to do with those 50,000 cans of beans you stockpiled? Wondering why we all started eating like we live in an underground bunker? We’re feeling like it might be time to switch something up in that particular area of life. That got us looking around for some online resources to pull us out of our culinary funk. We came across The Spruce Eats, a thorough resource that teaches you how to cook a wide variety of dishes, broken down by region, ingredient, occasion, and more. There are also extra-helpful sections like “What To Buy” and  “How-Tos”.

Then we started thinking about what kind of stuff was on YouTube, and found the Divas Can Cook channel. This fun and informative series explores cookin from scratch with a focus on southern recipes. We’re talking turnip greens. Fried chicken. Peach. COBBLER, for the love of…...Ok, we’ve got one more. We talked about Instructables and all the cool skills you could learn all the way back in GTCF #004. If only their awesome classes and tutorials included a full-size section on cooking that would probably take you YEARS to go through...oh, wait. Yeah. They’ve got that.

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