Happy Friday! ...If that means anything to you these days. All the time at home has made it so that our days seem to blend together. Since it seems to be getting harder to break out of the ordinary day-to-day existence, we thought we’d send some new things to help keep you occupied. Read on!

Enjoy these Grand Trunk coloring book pages!

We teamed up with artist Mike Kuhn to create some fun llama- and adventure-themed pictures. The only thing missing is the color, which we’ll leave in your capable hands! Grab a box of markers, crayons, or colored pencils and bring these illustrations to life. The more time you spend on them, the more awesome they’ll look when you’re done. Oh yeah, and kids will love them too! 

Download and print your coloring pages here


Our Favorite Adventure Movies...

Looking for something different to watch? We find that a good movie about exploring the outdoors is often the best remedy for Cabin Fever-related symptoms of restlessness and delirium. You might not be able to go out and explore the outdoors every day, but at least you can live vicariously through the adventures of others. It’s the safest, most comfortable way to trek for hundreds of miles alone, come face-to-face with a grizzly bear, or survive a mountain plane crash! 

Read about our favorite outdoor adventure movies here


...and Outdoor Podcasts

Sometimes all it takes is a good story to fire up your imagination. The advantage of taking that adventure in over a podcast format is two-fold. First, you can work on something else while you listen. For those of you getting tired of being a couch potato, this is just what you need to stay both productive and entertained as you undertake household projects like reorganizing drawers or dusting all your wall hangings. The second advantage is that when you’re not staring at a screen, you get to fill in the story you’re hearing with your imagination. This is not only more engaging than passively watching TV, but it also has the effect of putting you right in the middle of the adventure.

Our friends at The Dyrt have assembled a collection of excellent outdoor and adventure podcasts, check it out here.

Update on Our Fundraising Efforts

Recent regulations for importing KN95 masks have become very restrictive for our manufacturing partners, making it impossible for us to order masks to donate to the medical professionals in need. As a result, we have pivoted the focus of our fundraiser to donate directly to the Swedish Hospital Relief Fund, allowing our medical professionals to make the best use of our funds. Let’s keep the donations coming, your generosity is making a difference! 

Visit our GoFundMe page to learn more

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