Hello everyone, we hope you’re doing well on Quarantine Day #Whatever-This-Is. A few issues ago, we talked about building a backyard fort to keep the kids entertained. If they’re still getting enjoyment out of that activity, we’re stoked for you! But at this point, we’d also not be surprised if they’re back to bouncing off the walls indoors and testing the limits of your sanity. It may be a good time to start thinking about going on a camping trip to...you guessed it...the backyard!

A Campground In Your Backyard?

It’s time to make room for the real camping gear and turn your backyard living space into an escape for anyone who’s getting a little stir-crazy. Getting the family tent set up with sleeping bags and pillows essentially adds a new bedroom to your home. You’re also going to need a campfire. If you don’t have a fire pit, it may be a fun project to build one. Click here for some ideas on how to do this, and remember: Even if you mess up your lawn, it’s not like you’ll be entertaining company for a while!

Get The Gear

Of course, you’ll need places for everybody to sit around the fire. Adding a new hammock or camp stool can help to transform your backyard into a campground for the whole family to enjoy. Be sure to check out the Grand Trunk Cabin Fever Collection for anything you need.


Foil Packet Meals

Coming together around the campfire to cook a meal is a great way to make the backyard camping experience even more real. We’ve assembled some recipes of our favorite foil-pack meals to make over the fire. We’ve got fun, easy and delicious ideas for every meal of the day. Check them out here.

Send us pictures of your backyard campground! We’d all love to see how you’re making the most of the quarantine period. And remember, we’ve got more great Cabin Fever ideas coming up, so don’t go anywhere (ha ha!)

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