Happy Tuesday, and welcome to another day of laying low at home! We’ve got a fresh round of ideas to keep you and your family occupied and enjoying the extra time together. Enjoy!

Free Fitness Apps

We miss going to the gym. But it turns out my basement functions just as well if not better! With the help of these resources (all free during the quarantine), you’ll be able to keep your normal workout schedule. Down Dog offers a number of apps which guide you through a personalized workout, including Yoga and HIIT workouts. With a range of settings and options that allow you to build your own workout, it’s easy to get going and get in some solid exercise. Darebee is an awesome always-free website which offers workouts, wellness insight, running plans, fitness challenges, and more. Darebee also has a few free apps which help with spontaneous workouts. 

Indoor Hammock Wall Mount

If you’re handy with woodworking or know someone who is, this would be a great project for your Grand Trunk hammock. This indoor mount allows you to hang your hammock from wall-to-wall in the confines of your home. Imagine if you could read a book or watch TV from your hammock on days when it’s not nice enough out to go outside. Go here for the tutorial.

Backyard Forts

Do you have young folks hanging around your house? Are they feeling antsy? Are you feeling antsy? Why not take the afternoon to go build a fort! Backyard forts come in many shapes and sizes. Get outside and get creative with branches, wood, blankets, cardboard boxes, tarps, and more. Check out the Grand Trunk guide to building backyard forts here!

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