Holiday Gift Guide - Choosing the Best Hammock

If there’s one thing we know, it’s hammocks. So, if you’re in the market for holiday gifts, you've reached the right place, here's our expert gear guide: 

For the Young Hammocker

Hammocks small enough to pack anywhere, spacious enough to hold two little ones and designed with prints to inspire in-door jungles. Check out the Junior Hammock, hammocks for kids!

young boy sitting in a green hammock with his arms up, excited\

For the New Hammocker

The Ultralight Starter Hammock is the perfect hammock to start hanging. At $19.99, it won’t break the bank. Pair it up with a pair of Tree Slings and they’ll be on their way to lots adventures.

young boy hammocking between two palm trees with his feet in the air

For the Adventurous Hammocker

This spacious Double Hammock Print is designed in a variety of colorful prints, from a reptilian inspired scale print to a surf inspired ocean print. Show off their style and let their flag fly with the world’s most stylish hammocks. 

group of girls hammocking by the water and smiling

For the Seasoned Hammocker

For those that are obsessed with hammocking, they hammock at the park, they hammock in the dark. Upgrade their game to the Skeeter Beeter Pro and protect them from Zika on West Nile, with a fully enclosed hammock with a mosquito proof net.

Mosquito Net hammock

For the Patriotic Hammocker

Hammocks made in the USA - spacious, light and strong, made from unicorn-fabric material ie. the best of the best. They’ll be as proud to hang in the hammock as they are of their country. Check out the OneMade collection & the USA flag hammock!

  Man hammocking in an American flag print hammock while holding a cowboy hat

Go Further, Do More with Trunktech  Hammocks Woven for Explorers Check it out