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Ultralight Starter Hammock
Ultralight Starter Hammock
Ultralight Starter Hammock
Cheap Hammock
Lightweight Hammock
Portable Hammock

Ultralight Starter Hammock

Regular price $ 29.95


Add a Trunk Strap for Max Enjoyment!

The perfect "starter" hammock that's as light in your pack (12 oz.) as it is on your wallet.


Grand Trunk’s ultralight hammock is the perfect “starter” hammock, and it can be hung virtually anywhere: between two trees at the edge of a lake, overlooking a mountain range, or in a city park. At just 12 ounces, this ultralight hammock is easy to carry wherever you go. It also folds up into a small bag, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your backpack.  For durability and comfort, this ultralight hammock is made from 100% King Rhombic. Aside from its sturdy, compact, and lightweight construction, Grand Trunk’s ultralight hammock is also very affordable and perfect for your young scout. Order online today!


  • Nautical Grade Carabiners
  • 100% Premium King Rhombic RipStop POLYESTER


    • Capacity

      200 lbs

    • Dimensions

      9'6" x 4'6"

    • Weight

      12 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Excellent Value

    I'm not the type who needs top of the line and I'm not an avid outdoorsman, so this hammock fits me well. If you don't need anything fancy, then this is perfect.

    Naps grand

    Just spent the afternoon napping in my new light weight blue grandtrunk.
    What a grand way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon- refreshed and relaxed

    Worth every penny and then some.

    I purchased one of these as a lounging hammock (not for sleeping overnight) for canoe outings. It's now been on at least 6 week-long Scout adventures in the Boundary Waters, down the Current River, the Manistee River and the Little Miami and on numerous overnights. It's been used and abused and it has held up admirably. It's a little too short for me to overnight in (I'm 5'11") but I have certainly had many an afternoon nap in it. Great back-up chair, too. Oh, and I am definitely over 200 lbs . . . .


    i bought this hammock on a whim. i didn't know it was for women and kids til i read this site. anyway i have used it and i'm pleased to say that my 250lb. butt slept in it with no problems at all. i went and bought two more, one for my oldest son and one for a buddy of mine and they are also pleased with this hammock. i looked at other hammocks online after i purchased these and found out that this one is four ounces lighter than the competition! Surprise again. thanks for a quality product at a affordable price.

    Big things in small packages

    I got this hammock as a gift about 6 years ago. I didn't know it was for women and kids (I'm 6'1" male, 185lbs) but I went ahead and used it on most of the AT and throughout the White Mountains of NH and I really never had a problem with it. If I ever thought 'this hammock is too short for me' then I promptly rolled over, fell asleep, and forgot about it. It held up well and was only after receiving a few holes here and there that I thought I should replace it and discovered that I had pushed this little hammock to the limits of its design, but it held up like a champ!

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