As Memorial Day approaches, many wanderers will be setting off on an adventure for the long weekend, looking to find themselves lost in the wonders of nature. Meanwhile, many more will be finding themselves unable to escape obligations at home. If you find yourself among the latter, this article is for you!

While nature provides abundant natural hammock stands (AKA trees), by no means is this the only way to hang. With a little inspiration, and definitely a bit of creativity, hammocks can be strung up almost anywhere. Here are our city favorites.

1. Vehicles

It’s certainly not hard to find a few cars in the city! With a set of our versatile Trunk Straps, it’s easy to get your hammock up for some relaxation using your roof rack or other attachment points on your vehicle. You can even close the car door on your hammock straps to secure them. Car hammocking also works pretty well if you only have one vehicle. Just find a single tree, post, or other stationary object for the other side.

2. By the Pool

The local swimming pool has long been a summer tradition, but it’s not just the water that attracts. Any public swimming hole has lots of lush grass and cool shade for relaxation in between dips. There are usually also plenty of opportunities to hang a hammock, such as fences, picnic shelters and the occasional tree. You might not have the chance to observe wild deer or bison from this vantage point, but the people watching will be almost as good!

3. On a Rooftop

The view from the summit of a mountain is breathtaking, but for city dwellers, the view from the top can be just as stunning. Finding a rooftop hang without incurring a trespassing ticket can be an adventure in and of itself, but if you have access to a high-rise rooftop we suggest taking full advantage. The Eugenie Terrace is our favorite Chicago hang, but any rooftop with pillars or railings will allow you to kick up your feet and watch the Sun set over the cityscape.

4. On or Under a Bridge

Bridges are a great, often scenic way to get out of the summer sun and have a chill hang. Find a low-traffic or pedestrian bridge that affords some shelter from the city’s hustle and bustle. We suggest throwing your Trunk Straps around the bridge beams for a secure spot. Make sure to avoid blocking vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We ask for a bit of safety thinking when using GrandTrunk!

5. Your Neighborhood Park

Even New York City has Central Park, so there’s no excuse for not finding some open, public space in your area. Pull up your neighborhood on Google Maps and look at what types of green spaces are nearby. Chances are you’ll run across some parks, playgrounds, fields, wetlands, and other cool hangout spots. Try somewhere new and explore more of your town!

6. Railings

Find yourself a nice set of railings 12-15 feet apart in a low-traffic area. These are built to be secure and hold body weight, so railings are a great place to hang your hammock.   College campuses and public schools typically have lots of cool spots, and turn into ghost towns during the summer, so you can find space just for you and your friends.

7. Soccer Goals

If you’re a parent, you’re probably already aware that soccer fields can be quite prolific within city parks, and they’re not always in use. Find out where your local soccer clubs play. You will find goals there. Throw your hammock straps between two goal posts and enjoy your park time. Unless you want to be a hanging target, we suggest waiting until practice or the game is over!

8. Anywhere!

GrandTrunk knows that sometimes it can be difficult to find a suitable structure to hang your hammock. This is why we created the Hangout Hammock Stand. This allows for easy setup and the freedom to relax wherever you want, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

9. Hammock Poles

Many cities are starting to provide “Sling Stations” in their public spaces. These areas provide poles for easy hanging. If you’re lucky, you will find one with a shade cover. Call your local Parks & Recreation department to see if your city has hammock poles for your use.

10. ???

What's your favorite city hang? GrandTrunk is always looking for new and innovative ways to safely enjoy a nice hammock hang. Share your favorite city hangs with us using the hashtag #GoodsForTheRoad and we will feature you on our Instagram!

We hope these ideas provide some food for thought, whether you’re traveling or staying at home. Most importantly, we hope you enjoy the holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day!


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Kyle Wood