You’re likely to find Daniel Adams swaying between two palm trees on a breezy beach, surfboard stuck in the sand next to him and a camera in hand. As a director and film photographer, Daniel’s work has taken him around the world from mountains to forests and all the cities in between, but when the day wraps, his favorite hang is still an empty beach. With his home in Costa Rica, he’s never far from finding his happy place and as a GrandTrunk Ambassador, he’s got the goods to get there.

Grand Trunk TrunkTech Hammock

Whether it be by train, plane, canoe or his little 4x4 three door Vitara - “I love hanging my hammock off of the roof rack”- Daniel is a traveler at heart. The fear of the unknown has never stopped him from running headfirst into new experiences. When asked about his favorite adventure memory, the response wasn’t anything light. “[I went] backpacking solo through the U.S., Canada and Europe for five months. Only a backpack and a camera”. We make the ordinary epic, but Daniel skipped over the ordinary and completely redefined epic! And he didn’t stop there.

As an artist, Daniel has devoted his life to fulfilling his passion with a breathtaking portfolio of outdoor photography. Every day is an adventure when you’re capturing shots and telling stories in places that most people wouldn’t begin to set foot. In terms of talent, he is an incredible story teller and it shows in the way he captures his shots. “For photos I really enjoy shooting 35mm film. Mostly surf culture. For video, I enjoy shooting documentary or lifestyle to tell a story.” While he’s telling stories, he’s also collecting them. With all his hours spent capturing the surfing life, he’s also actively engaged in the sport. This has led to some very memorable wildlife encounters. When asked about his surfing adventures he reminisced about “a bunch of dolphins swimming right next to me while surfing” before recalling knee-weakening encounters with “a few sharks here and there and the most terrifying… a saltwater croc just a few meters away from me.” In terms of adventure, Daniel Adams embodies what it means to be a GrandTrunk ambassador!

As a member of the GrandTrunk Tribe, Daniel defines our vision of the ultimate adventurer: a person with the passion and desire to get out there and live! Follow all of his travels on Instagram @danieladamsvisuals.

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