Grand Trunk was born out of a passion for travel.

It’s no wonder, then, that we’ve put a lot of thought into how we can make travel even better.

So far, we have a couple key accessories to make any journey a more comfortable one. Because we all know travel is going to be uncomfortable at some point or another -- why not make it more comfortable where you can?

Airplane Go-To: The Footie Travel Blanket

With a built-in foot pocket and eco-friendly fibers, the Footie Travel Blanket is a key piece for any travel kit. At just over 6’x3’, it has just the right amount of fabric for on-the-go comfort. Whether you’re hanging in the trees or sitting on a plane, the Footie Travel Blanket is a trusty and cozy companion.

two women on a plane reading books


Check out the Footie Travel Blanket here. 

Perfect for Impromptu Picnics: The Parasheet Blanket

The Parasheet Blanket is made from parachute nylon and at 7’x7’ is perfect for outdoor lounging for two. It comes in a variety of prints, making comfort both convenient and fun. From picnics to festivals to chilling at the airport, the Parasheet will go where you go, comfortably.

Available in prints or solid colors, the Parasheet has stake loops and a patented sand pocket to help you keep comfort in place in the event of high winds or high activity.


blue parasheet beach blanket


lunar jade parasheet beach blanket

Check out the Parasheets Blanket’s prints or the two-tone colors here.

Sleep Soundly: the Hooded Travel Pillow

We’re especially proud of this one. We’ve all seen someone wearing a travel pillow around their neck with their jacket not-so-gracefully draped over their face. Not only is this uncomfortable, it’s straight up awkward. The solution: a travel pillow with a hood. It’s both simple and elegant. Comfort, and darkness, on demand. It’s a beautiful thing.

girl sleeping on a plane wearing a black hooded travel pillow

Check out the Hooded Travel Pillow and all its glorious color options here.

Camper’s Rejoice: the Packable Travel Pillow

Camping can be uncomfortable… It comes with the territory of sleeping on the ground in the woods. One thing that makes it even more uncomfortable? Using a balled up jacket as a pillow, or lugging a full-sized bed pillow into the backcountry. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Enter the Packable Travel Pillow, a just-big-enough, machine-washable pillow that will pack into your stuff sack. It’s the solution your neck’s been longing for.

For more magic from the Packable Travel Pillow, click here.  

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Austin Wilson