hammock with mosquito net

According to reports, camping is booming. More Americans than ever are hitting the great outdoors, tent in tow. 

But some of us are even more adventurous. Instead of using a tent and mattress, there are many campers who prefer to catch their zzz's hanging from a tree in a cozy, gently swaying hammock. 

Besides being super comfy, hammocks are also lightweight and much more compact than a tent and mattress set-up. 

However, to get to a peaceful night's sleep while camping, you must make sure you get a hammock with a mosquito net. Otherwise, you become mosquito dinner. 

What's also critical is to choose the right hammock and mosquito net combo. Otherwise, you might end up wasting money and not getting the sleep you need on your camping trip.

Ready to get savvy to hammock and mosquito net shopping? Stay with us for the 7 easy steps to getting the right camping hammock with mosquito net.

1. Choose Between an All-in-One Hammock With Mosquito Net or Separates

The first thing to think about is whether you want to get an all-in-one hammock with mosquito net set-up or a hammock and net separately. 

If you already have a good camping hammock, then the cheapest option is simply to buy a separate cover made from mosquito netting fabric. These come in various shapes and sizes, but we would recommend something like the MOZZY 360 Hammock Bug Net Shelter

Something like this gives you lots of room under the mosquito netting—to the point where you could even set up a chair within the protection of your net. The MOZZY 360 also has a floor, which helps to keep your gear clean. 

If you want something simpler, you can also opt for something along the lines of the MOZZY LITE Hammock Bug Net. This simple net is super compact, sets up in a couple of minutes, and will completely protect you from those mozos. 

On the other hand, if you don't have a hammock yet, you might want to invest in a camping hammock with mosquito net combo, such as the Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Net Hammock. This all-in-one option has a double-sided zip for easy entry and exit, weighs only 35 oz, and is super compact. What's more, you can also reverse it if you want to use the hammock without the mosquito netting material cover. 

2. Opt for “No-See-Um Bug Netting”

When shopping for a swing hammock with mosquito net protection, it's essential that you opt for "no-see-um" bug netting. This keeps out even those tiny midges that one can barely see, often known as "no-see-ums."

Like mosquitos, these little insects also feed on blood and tend to leave a trail of small bites over any exposed skin. Therefore, it's important that you have protection from them as well as mosquitoes. 

The downside to this type of netting is that it does reduce ventilation somewhat. However, considering the bites that "no-see-ums" can leave, this is generally worth it. 

3. Think About Size

Are you a tall person? If so—before you click buy, or swipe your card on a hammock—make sure to factor in its size. Although hammocks tend to be a one-size-fits-all item, if you are over 6 foot, you may need to get an extra-long hammock.

Also, consider whether you want to get a double or single hammock. If you are planning to sleep with a hammock partner, then a double is the way to go. 

However, if this is not the case, make sure you stick to single-sized hammocks. This keeps weight down and means you won't have to grapple with extra material. 

4. Take Temperatures Into Account

When purchasing your hammock with mosquito net set-up, another thing to think about is the temperatures. Lightweight, breathable hammocks are the best for hot, humid conditions. 

This type of weather is also ideal for mosquito activity, so be sure to pair warm weather hammocks with mosquito protection. 

On the other hand, if you are going camping in cold weather, you might want to consider something like the 360° ThermaQuilt 3-in-1 Hammock. This cold-weather-ready hammock features an underquilt, blanket, and sleeping bag. 

Rarely will you see mosquitos during cold weather camping trips, so you can skip taking your mosquito netting along on these. 

5. Weigh up Weights

If you're looking for the best hammock with mosquito net for camping and hiking, then you should keep a sharp eye on the weights. Whether it is a net and hammock combo, or two separate items, make sure you compare the weights and do not select the heaviest or bulkiest options. 

Opting for lightweight gear can go a long way to making your camping pack more manageable, especially if you aren't used to carrying heavy backpacks. 

6. Look at Capacities

Before investing in the best backpacking hammock with mosquito net money can buy, make sure you check the weight capacity on the hammock. The last thing you want is for your hammock to drop you on the forest floor!

Weight capacity is determined by the materials used, the nylon blend, the stitching, and the overall quality. In general, you will find that more expensive hammocks have higher weight capacities. However, the extra money you pay will be well worth it, as you can rest easy knowing your hammock can go the extra mile. 

7. Consider Wet Weather

Finally, when buying your hammock with mosquito net, you should also consider whether you're likely to encounter any wet weather. A mosquito net won't offer any protection against rain, so you might want to also look at getting a small hammock awning. 

If you already have a hammock, you can opt for a loose awning, such as the Abrigo Rain Fly and Shelter

Don't yet have a hammock or mosquito net? If so, then you can also look at a combo deal, such as the Air Bivy All Weather Shelter and Hammock. This ready-to-go setup contains a Skeeter Beeter hammock with a mosquito net and an awning shelter. 

Do You Need a Hammock With a Mosquito Net?

Are you itching to go camping, but not to get bugged and bitten while sleeping in your hammock? Then you need a hammock with a mosquito net. 

Not only are mosquito bites annoying, but they can also be dangerous. According to statistics, 700 million people contract mosquito-borne illnesses every year. 

Don't let this be you. Invest in a quality hammock and mosquito net today by visiting our hammock store.

Grand Trunk Staff