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Few things in life are as relaxing as lying down in a hammock. There is something special about sleeping under the stars with an evening breeze to keep you cool. It comes as no surprise that the global hammock market is expected to increase by 17%.

Investing in a hammock is your first step towards freedom. The stress of a grueling 9-to-5 job melts away when you sink into a hammock.

There are a number of hammock accessories to take your game to the next level. Hammocks are more than a place to sleep. With the right accessories, your hammock can be part of a lifestyle change.

Read on to learn about the best hammock accessories, and explore seven amazing hammock camping accessories that you need to have.

1. Thermaquilt

Some of the best destinations in the world are cold. While things start to warm up in the spring, the temperature still drops significantly during the evening. However, you cannot let a little cold stop you from traveling and seeing everything nature has to offer.

The solution to temperature concerns is investing in the Thermaquilt. This is a 3-in-1 product that keeps you warm when the temperature drops.

The Thermaquilt provides 360-degree coverage. It wraps entirely around your hammock. It also cinches at the end to keep the cold air out and the body warmth in.

Perhaps the best news is that Thermaquilt is a multi-function product. In addition to wrapping you up like a cocoon, you can use it as a blanket or sleeping bag.

The Thermaquilt’s capacity is 500 lbs so it can certainly fit a sleeping partner. It will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 40 degrees.

2. Mosquito Net

There are not many things that can ruin a peaceful nap in your hammock. However, sometimes the mosquitoes are biting and not even the strongest bug repellant can ward them off.

For this reason, one of the top hammock accessories is a mosquito net. The best mosquito nets have a double-sided zipper so that you can easily enter or exit them.  

They are lightweight and are not a burden to carry around. You also want something that is ultra-packable and compresses into a small space.

Some mosquito nets are built so strong that you can flip them over and use them as a single hammock. There are other types of mosquito nets that work as a shelter. They have large 12-foot wide bathroom bottoms to create a spacious area for users.

3. All-Weather Shelter

The weather does not always cooperate when you are sleeping amongst the stars. In the summer, storms roll in quickly and can suddenly drop inches of rain on nature lovers. No matter how tough you are, no one expects a camper to ride out a storm in an unprotected hammock.

The all-weather shelter provides a solution for hikers and campers. All you need is two trees to set up a weather-resistant shelter.

The best weather shelters have a waterproof coating. The taped seams ensure that the shelter is entirely weatherproof and nothing is getting inside.

Lastly, you want to make sure this accessory does not weigh you down. The most packable shelters weigh three pounds or less.

4. Hammock Stand

Why restrict your hammock lounging to two trees? What if you want to set up on the beach with the sound of the waves crashing down while you sleep?

This is a real possibility by investing in a hammock stand. The key to buying a good hammock stand is making sure it is portable. It should break down into smaller pieces for easy transport.

The best hammock stands can support up to 400 lbs. You also have to make sure that the stand can support the length of your hammock.

Lastly, your hammock stand should be easy to assemble. Do you really want to carry around a screwdriver or other tools to build a hammock stand? The solution is purchasing a hammock stand that uses quick-lock clips instead of screws or bolts.

5. Trunk Straps

Trunk straps are an essential accessory to hang your hammock. This accessory is how you connect a hammock to its anchor points.

First, you wrap the trunk straps around a tree or other strong anchor point. Next, you connect the hammock’s carabiners or hooks to the trunk straps.

The suspension straps have 36 adjustment points. Each strap is 10 feet long giving you a total of 20 feet to work with.

The adjustment points and length give you the flexibility for the best hang. You can also use anchor points that are far apart. 

The trunk strap accessory comes in various colors to match your hammock. It also uses durable 1” webbing material that is tree-friendly.

6. Hammock Soap

You cannot expect hammocks to stay clean since they are used in the wilderness. Hammocks are going to see dirt, sweat, and everything else nature has to offer.

Hammock soap is a cheap solution to clean your hammock after a long trip. The cleaning process is pretty simple.

You start off by removing the carabiners. Next, you immerse the hammock in a 5-gallon bucket of cold water. Add the hammock soap solution to the bucket and gently hand-clean it. Gently using a soft scrub brush is acceptable and will not damage a quality hammock.

7. Portable Drink Holder

Now that you are protected from bugs and the weather, there is only one thing missing. To complete the perfect relaxing moment, you need a cold beer or beverage.

Of course, you do not want to be bothered with getting in or out of the hammock to get it. The solution is a portable drink holder.

You can hang it from your hammock or trunk straps. Now, simply reach back and get a swig of your favorite drink.

Buy These Hammock Accessories to Brighten Your Experience

Possessing the right hammock camping accessories could make or break your trip. You may have all the best intentions to relax, but mosquitoes and inclement weather pose a risk to your hike.

The good news is that accessories like mosquito nets and all-weather shelters provide the protection you need. Sometimes, everything works out perfectly and all you need is a cold beer. A hanging cup holder makes for the perfect hammock moment.

If you are interested in purchasing hammock accessories, contact us today to speak with a sales associate.

Grand Trunk Staff