Replacement 10' Starter Rope Kit (2 Ropes)

$ 7.96

Lost your hammock starter rope kit? Don't worry, we have you covered. This is the replacement starter rope kit that is included with some of our hammocks. However, It will work with ANY hammock. This rope kit is meant to be wrapped around a strong and solid surface such as a mature tree. This hammock rope kit has two knots that can be used for adjustment. Two ropes for each side of the hammock are included. Carabiners or hooks for hanging are not included. 


  • 10' Nylon
  • Weight Limit: 400 lbs / 180 kg
  • Contains Two Ropes
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Customer Reviews

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Dannie Gillispie (Pittsburgh, PA)
10' Starter Ropes Kit

Haven't used these yet but on look and hard tugs prove its heavy duty cord rope. It's Grand Trunk so I'm not worried, they make quality USA products with a lifetime warranty! Not much of that going on these days so I will continue to use their products unless they drop in quality but I doubt they do.

Jason kc
Strong cordage. Lightweight

Grand trunk always has the best gear for hammocking.they have been doing it before alot of companies were even born.they had to walk up hill to and from the factory.true pioneers to the everyday hammockers

Cody Karel (Filer, ID)
10' starter rope kit is excellent

10' starter rope kit is an excellent lightweight option for hanging your hammock. I use mine when backpacking and reserve my trunk straps for times when weight is not a factor. These ropes are strong and I have not seen any damage to trees when using them. Our family has a set for each of our hammocks. I would highly recommend them.