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Grand Trunk Adventuristas are explorers at heart. Whether they travel by foot, on four-wheels, or two, they inspire others through their adventurous spirit and share their experiences with the world through writing, photography, music and art.


An Oregon native, Zak Stone has been shooting photos for over 15 years that exhibit his love for the outdoors. His work captures raw, awe-inspiring moments in his travels and gives us insight into his world. After many years of focusing on water sports, Zak returned to hiking as he sought a new way to interact with the wilderness that was kinder to his body. He started hiking again; going to all the places he had as a kid but this time with a camera. He discovered his talent as a photographer and has since had many of his photos published. Taking photos and videos is the perfect way for him to share what he sees or feels while he is out in the wild. Instagram @mr0tt


Meredith and her boyfriend Jimmy began documenting their hammock adventures in May 2014 after a backpacking trip to Havasupai, AZ, just outside the Grand Canyon. Since then, they’ve ventured (with hammocks in tow) from Zion and Yosemite to Spain and Italy. Living in LA, they are lucky to be within a few hours of the mountains, desert and beach. There’s no shortage of adventure and exploring to do in and around Southern California. They take their Grand Trunk hammock with them everywhere, with the goal to inspire others to get outside, find nature, make memories… or just relax in your backyard with a good book. By day, Meredith works in communications and Jimmy is a technical recruiter. They’re true weekend warriors by definition! Instagram @hammockliving


Born and raised on the east end of Kaua'i, Kaimana has spent much of his life outdoors. Most of his days were spent running through the jungles as a kid, hunting with his dad, or surfing for hours on end. Brought up speaking the Hawaiian language and learning the Hawaiian culture, he has always had a deep respect for the 'aina(land). You can find him exploring the mountains, camping, or just relaxing in his hammock, always with his loyal canine partner Kama at his side. In early 2014, after sharing some photos of his life's adventures and seeing how they inspired the people around him to get out more, he decided it was time to get a camera and share his story with the world. Instagram @manamon_kauai


Telling authentic stories that are crafted to inspire is Ultralite Films' modus operandi for every project they encounter. Ultralite's core team is continually traveling the globe in search of interesting and off-the-beaten-path stories ranging from outdoor expedition to humanitarian aid issues. 

They embody the spirit of Grand Trunk, exploring new places every single day and traveling to learn about cultures and life. From relying on the Skeeter Beeter hammock for months at a time on Amazon River expeditions to simply having a place to lay their heads on flights with the Hooded Neck Pillow, the Ultralite crew relies on Grand Trunk for both their necessity and comfort gear while on the road. (Or in the air, or on the water, or in the jungle...)

Follow the crew's adventures on Instagram at @ultralitefilms



Monday through Friday, Krista works as a fulltime electrical engineer, while Matt is busy studying to receive his master’s degree in applied toxicology. On the weekends, however, Matt and Krista are more likely to be found out on the trails of Oregon or Colorado, working hard to develop their growing philanthropy, Backyard Oregon. A cause based photography enterprise, Backyard Oregon was founded in 2014, out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of others through adventure and digital story telling. With Backyard Oregon as their platform, these two are bent on forging new trails and using powerful landscape photography to draw attention to pressing issues and more importantly, remind us all that we are capable of changing the world we live in. Instagram @backyard_oregon


Axle grew up in Virginia and then his family moved to to a small town in northern California called Yuba City. After high school he joined the air force and was able to travel the world. While bouncing around the globe he picked up photography as a hobby. After his service he left the military to pursue a career as a photographer. Axle is an avid outdoor enthusiast that is always trying to motivate people to get outside and explore the world. More often than not you'll find him camping and hiking off the grid looking for the perfect spot to hang his hammock. Instagram @axleethington



Growing up in Los Angeles, Jason has always had a love of the ocean and a passion for spending as much time outdoors as possible. After high school he moved from Los Angeles to San Diego and has been chasing sunsets and mountain peaks ever since. On the weekends you can find him traveling throughout the west coast in search of beautiful landscapes and places to explore. Today Jason works as a creative content creator for brands and hopes to one day have visited every country in the world. Instagram @worldpins

Are you an avid adventurer who loves Grand Trunk? Our Adventurista program is invite-only, but we encourage you to check out our Jolly Llamas Program.