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Jolly Llamas

The Grand Trunk Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in the Jolly Llamas Ambassador program, our application period is now CLOSED. But don't fret! You can still adventure with us, share your #grandtrunking photos on social media and submit your best on our photo contest page.



Meet The Jolly Llamas, our passionate team of outdoor adventurers, who have a fiery love for travel and exploration, meeting new people, and positively influencing their peers. Enjoying the outdoor experience is something worth sharing, so get your team together, and stay in touch. We’re going outside. 

Alex Candia

Los Angeles, CA

Andres MacLean

Fayetteville, AK

Benjamin Addy

Lynchburg, VA

Benjamin Harris

Manchester, UK

Brandt Chapman

Lansing, MI

Brendan Mansfield

Santa Barbara, CA

Chelsea Scott

Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

Chelsea Stockton

Drake, CO

Chloe McAndrew

Austin, TX

Donny Barnec

Vacaville, CA

Easton Kawawaki

Vancouver, WA

Eric Bunting

Seward, AK

Forrest Lewis

Cambridge, MA

Francesco Bertolo

Santiago, Chile

Hudson Paine

San Luis Obispo

Hunter Iverson

Logan, UT

Jackson Koorenhof

Kauai, HI

Jeffrey Sonderegger

Logan, UT

Jesse McShane

St. Paul, MN

John Michael Kuhn

Somerville, MA

Josh Quigley

Park City, UT

Josh Van Dyke

Redding, CA

Joshua Hollis

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Josiah Harder

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Lucien Pipps

Lumberton, TX

Marcie Martin

Chattanooga, TN

Maria Schultz

Fredericksburg, VA

Mark Bazyuk

Vancouver, WA

Mattias Naslund

Gothenburg, Sweden

Michelle Adamson

Salt Lake City, UT

Michelle Benbrook

Roseville, CA

Michelle Moon

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mike Fields

Bowling Green, KY

Nikita Roos

Inman, SC

Ruby Chandler

Herriman, UT

Sarah Rohrbach

Spearfish, SD

Scott Crady

Marquette, MI

Scott Ricks

Ogden, UT

Scott Wesson

Malibu, CA

Sean Yarbenet

Hilo, HI

Shavaun Hairston

Washington, DC

Steven Blan

Estes Park, CO

Steven Wrigley

Salt Lake City, UT

Tanner Shane Aberle

Rapid City, SD

Taylor Short

Westlake Village, CA

Tony Traijkovich

Lake Geneva, WI

Victoria Valchev

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Yuriy Trebushnoy

Milton, WA