Built by adventurers for adventurers, Grand Trunk knows the road less traveled and the goods you’ll need to make any excursion a memorable one.

New experiences should be fun. It’s not easy to step outside your comfort zone, to a land where no one speaks your language, to sleep under the stars, to push your body and mind in an unfamiliar environment. That’s why we created Grand Trunk. We wanted to make the kind of products that inspire people to go outside and see the world. Whether they’re traveling to an exotic destination or going on a weekend camping trip, the traveler is able to color their world and amplify adventure with the striking colors and bold patterns of a wide range of outdoor essentials.


The Grand Trunk Bamboo Footie Blanket

Available in 3 colors: Peacock Green, Bright Crimson, Slate Gray
Designed with a foot pocket to keep your toes warm
Made with the soft, durable and comfortable materials that will keep you comfortable on chilly nights

Available at: grandtrunk.com

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