man and dog sit outside a little cabin with a van hitch hammock stand flowcheck TrunkTech™ hammock

Get Road Trip Ready


Meadow Mat

You'll never regret bringing this waterproof mat along. Whether it's saving you from sitting on some soggy ground or a sketchy-as-heck sticky bench, it is lightweight and packable and perfect for so many situations.

360 Thermaquilt

Bring this sleeping bag/blanket combo. If your ride-or-die likes the AC cranked and you're a cold-blooded creature, you will want a cozy lightweight blanket you can use or pack away easily. Stranded on the side of the road? Sleep in this bad boy and you'll be cozy no matter where you end up.

cheez its trail mix peach wheelies maverik snacks


Obviously you're going to need something to munch on. Try a balance of some salty, sweet, and healthy—don't overeat, you will want to try the amazing foods along the way and once you get to your destination! Some of our favorites include Cheez-its, Trail Mix, licorice, and peach rings. If your trails bring you through Utah, you can't go wrong stopping at Maverik.

travel pillow studio photo

Puffy Travel Pillow

This pillow is super soft, packable, and lightweight. Stay comfortable during a long drive or just have this as a pillow you know you can count on. The unique cinch cord gives you the ability to adjust the fill to be a bit more firm when you need it to be.

Grand Trunk mix tape


No road trip is epic without a killer playlist. We've put together a jamming 10-hour set for you, packed with hits everyone can sing along to. We've added a few gems you might have forgotten about, along with some that might be new to you.

summit sack day pack cinch pack zip backpack
summit sack day pack cinch pack zip backpack

Grand Trunk Day Pack

Perfect for holding all the gear you'll need for your ride. Keep books, snacks, or other personal items with you and organized with this day pack.

hooded sweater
crewneck sweater


Get a comfortable sweater or jacket that will help you stay warm and cozy if you get chilly, or if you happen upon some wild weather while you're out exploring. We've been loving these merino wool options from our friends at PAKA