Ambassador Clifford (@gopro4it) is known for his fun family adventures. He’s always taking his children to the local park to play games, hang in some hammocks and just spend really good quality time outdoors. Here’s a fun adventure he recently shared with us along with some pro tips!

On this short adventure, mama llama and I decided that it had been a while since we had taken the kids to the park, due to all the rain here in the PNW! After the kids and I played a couple rounds of “King of the Fort”, I decided that it was time for what I'm best known for, a good ol park hang! 

Pro tips: when you know you are going to the park, always plan to bring one of your favorite Grand Trunk hammocks, and a set of straps so you can parent in style as well as comfort! There are so many creative ways to hang off the park structures safely. 

Next time you’re at the park, consider getting a hang in!

Brock Fuller