While mosquitos most likely bring to mind a camping trip gone wrong, or an annoying companion on your last tropical adventure, they also have the potential to be very damaging to our health. With the rise of Zika Virus throughout the world we are reminded of the importance of protection from mosquito exposure. However, all the buzz about the Zika virus shouldn’t be our only reason to seek cover. 

Mosquito Linked Diseases

- Malaria (one of the world’s leading causes of death)

- West Nile virus

- Yellow Fever

- Dengue

- Encephalitis

- Filariasis


So let’s just say it: Mosquitos are the worst.


But that doesn’t mean you should stay inside as the weather gets warm or cancel your vacation to a tropical paradise. There are plenty of mosquito repelling tips and tricks to keep you safe and comfortable wherever your adventure takes you.


Our "Beat the Skeeters" line up:


  1.  Skeeter Beeter Pro:

    As the name implies this super roomy, easy-to-hang double hammock allows you to spend a comfortable night under the stars, or just read a book in the backyard without having to swat at mosquitos or risk getting bitten. With everything you need to get hanging, this hammock is the perfect way to stay safe and comfortable no matter where your adventure takes you. For instructions on proper hanging check out our tutorial

skeeter beeter hammock

  1. Permethrin:

This spray not only repels insects, it actually kills mosquitos, ticks, chiggers, mites and 55 other insects on contact. This treatment will make any of your clothing or gear mosquito repellant for up to 6 washings or 6 weeks. Who wants to stop every couple hours to reapply spray while you are trying to enjoy your adventure? Not us. This product let’s you stay protected without having to waste time.


    1. Insect Repellant Clothing:

     ExOfficio's Bugsaway line offers comfortable, active wear that repels insects and protects wearers from insect-borne diseases. Invisible and odor-free, the only way you will know it’s there is that you won’t be swatting away bugs or suffering through itching bites.


      1. Mozzy Net:

      Didn’t think mosquitos would be such a bother when you got your Grand Trunk hammock? Well, fear not, you can make any hammock insect-proof with the Mozzy Net. Our roomy mosquito net includes a set of spreader bars which provide elbow room and a comfortable space for you to hang. The integrated, stake-compatible floor gives your pack, boots, and even your trusty pooch a place to call a bug-free hammock home.


        1. Citronella Candles

        Fancy yourself a DIY project? You can make your own citronella candles! These candles will emit insect-repellant citronella oils as they burn and help keep your outdoor space free of bugs. Plus put them in a recycled jar for an extra eco-friendly touch.


        #AdventureAnywhere and don’t let the bugs get you down!

        Sleep Tight, Avoid Bites.  The Skeeter Beeter Pro Check it out!
        Belinda Neff