Christmas is right around the corner which means the gift buying season is upon us. A certain few still have a few weeks before they begin their last minute present purchasing routine and an even smaller number already have theirs wrapped and ready to go. But for the majority of us, it’s prime time for holiday deals. Here some of our favorite gift ideas for that cherished one that loves to travel, adventure and explore.

 5 Awesome Camping Gift Ideas

  1. As temperatures drop and the weather gets a bit more rugged there’s nothing better than some hot coffee or a strong beverage to warm your insides. MIZU has a whole collection of stainless steel Hydration (or De-Hydration) devices. They range from a 66oz. water bottle to a 2oz. shot glass and everything in-between. No matter the size, they are perfect for storing whatever liquid (hot or cold) you bring on your next adventure.

woman holding a thermus in the snow


  1. Super early mornings and red-eyes, two of the most common flights during the holiday season. Pick your favorite family member and help them travel in supreme comfort and, dare I say, style with this Hooded Travel Pillow. There’s no way you won’t catch a few much needed ZZZ’s with this thing on. Nothing says “do not disturb” like throwing a hood over your face.

woman sleeping on a plane wearing a black hooded travel pillow


  1. What’s that thing “older people” like to say? “This generation is addicted to their phones!”, hey maybe it’s true. But I like to think that I’m dedicated to my phone. With that dedication comes support and care in the best way I know how, a GoalZero portable power pack. There are a million different options but my favorite is the Flip 10 recharger/Nomad 7 Solar Panel charging combo. Perfect for indulging all your addictions whether on the road or in the woods.

Man sitting on a rock charging his phone using solar panels

  1. It’s safe to assume that you like to hang out with people you love, right? Why not do it literally. A super rad travel hammock would make an amazing gift for your adventurous friends. Who doesn’t love to kick their feet up and enjoy a good nap? The correct answer is no one. Heck, get yourself one too and you can hang together.


  1. Stockings, the forgotten gift portal. I know Mom usually takes care of stuffing the stockings, but Mom does everything during the holidays, so let’s give her a break. So let’s think, what fits best in those big socks over the fire place? Gift cards, Duh! Our recommendation is Hipcamp. What’s Hipcamp you ask? It’s a website where you can search and discover the best camping near you or anywhere else in the country, perfect for your outdoorsy adventurer. It’s basically the AirBNB of camping.


Gift giving can be stressful, especially done last minute. Hopefully this list can at least spark an idea. Good luck out there this Holiday Season!

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