Creative Ways to Use Your Hammock Rain Fly

Like they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat… or put your rain fly to good use. While the former is a bit graphic and something we do not endorse, the latter is quite a different story. With the size and portable nature of the new Grand Trunk Abrigo Rain Fly, you can get creative with your rain tarp anywhere, anytime! 

Rain Tarp Setup

 man sleeping in a red and black hammock in the woods 

It’s designed to keep you dry while hammock camping in the elements or just hanging out in your backyard. This setup is a tried and true method for setting up a hammock fly, but at Grand Trunk we like to think outside the box, get creative and do things a bit different. Check out this infographic detailing all the unique ways a rain fly can be setup and used. The variety is nearly endless but these are a few of our favorites.

Abrigo Rain Fly Configurations

list of Abrigo Rain Fly configuration, icons


From the beach to the backwoods and everywhere in between. At 10” x 10” the Abrigo rain fly covers even the biggest of double hammocks, which makes it the perfect savior from the elements. Plus, it is so lightweight and packable! It packs down to the same size as your classic Yeti or HydroFlask stainless steel insulated waterbottles! Use it to keep you dry in your hammock or as a sun shade in your favorite beach spot. Take it backpacking, hiking, hammock or car camping… just take it everywhere.

man wearing a brown backpack in the desert

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