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Grand Trunk Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Guess what time year it is? Yep, that’s right. And, if you're like most, we're guessing you haven’t bought even one gift. We know thinking of great holiday gift ideas is tough but worry not, we are here to help. Luckily these next gift-worthy products span all ages, genders and pickiness levels.


  1. Grand Trunk Tech Throw Travel Blanket

From the couch to the mountain crest, cars, planes or Netflix, the uses for this versatile tech throw blanket are endless. At 6’4” long by 3’4” wide, it covers a pretty big surface area while also packing down small enough to bring on every road trip. You’re guaranteed to make your frequent traveler a very happy camper… literally. No seriously, it’s perfect for car camping too.

Grad Trunk Tech Throw Blanket


  1. Junior Hammock

Is there a little one you want to bring a smile to these holidays? Maybe you’re trying to earn your status as the favorite aunt uncle or even parent. Still trying to figure out that perfect gift for your grandkids? We've found a gift that will inspire them to drop their devices and go outside. These are the very first hammocks designed for kids. They are a smaller size with a fun design for the little people with big adventure hearts. They can hang their hammock in their rooms, in the backyard or take them to the park. Heck, they can take them to school and hang at recess. It’s the perfect gift for kids!

2017 Christmas gift ideas - Grand Trunk Junior Hammock for kids


  1. Hooded Travel Pillow

Ever been on an airplane trying to catch a couple minutes of sleep before you land and the seat dweller next to you refuses to put down the shade? Yeah, we all have. That’s why we created the hooded travel pillow. It’s basically an eye mask and a super comfortable pillow all in one. Plus, it’s made with ergonomic memory foam to support your neck and finished with a super soft micro-fleece. As the Huffington Post said “It’ll make you loathe the airport a little less”.

Best Gift Ideas 2017 - Grand Trunk Hooded travel Pillow

  1. Classic Double Hammock

Give the gift of adventure and comfort and naps and relaxation and chill. All things every college student loves and what better time than this holiday season to give the perfect gift. When you give a Grand Trunk double hammock, you're buying one that is 20% bigger than most other double hammocks and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Best gift ideas 2017 - Grand Trunk Double Hammock

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You’ll be able to get these and many other goods for the road but for your liked and loved ones. While you are at it, sneak something in for yourself while the deals hot! 

Trunk Friday - Come get the best gifts of the year with Grand Trunk Holiday Specials!

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