Florida is the land of pink lawn flamingos, orange groves, the longest continuous coastline in the United States, and a lot of underrated outdoor adventures. While many flock to Florida for retirement or relaxation, there's also an abundance of adrenaline-fueled fun.

This summer, we partnered with The Dyrt to make camping even better by awarding Grand Trunk prizes to participants who review campgrounds in the South Atlantic states. All summer long, we've been blown away by all the fun that campers are having in Florida. Florida adventures are some of the most exciting in the country, and are definitely bucket list worthy!

Inspired by campers and adventurers in the sunshine state, we’re diving into three incredible trips you can take on your next Florida vacation.

1. Go hang gliding

person hang gliding above a sand dune

Image from Wikipedia Commons 

Experience what it’s like to fly at Wallaby Ranch, just outside of Orlando. Wallaby Ranch is famous for aerotowing, which means that once you and an instructor strap yourselves into a hang glider, you’re towed up to altitude by a small plane. Once you reach the right height, your instructor will disconnect the tow cable and take you on a graceful and spectacularly beautiful flight through the Florida sky.

These hang gliding tours give you up to 15 minutes in the air. Wallaby Ranch has been operating since 1991, and they have a perfect safety record. Enjoy the feeling of the wind under your wings—er, arms—and the expansive view of the land and ocean below.

Hang gliding is one of the few Florida adventures that doesn't involve exotic animals, and is a nice way to mix up your activities.

2. Cycle along the Southern Tier Bicycle Route

person standing next to a bicycle on the beach staring at the sun setting over the water

The Southern Tier Bicycle Route is a cross-country biking adventure established by the Adventure Cycling Association. It stretches for 3,055 miles between San Diego, California, and St. Augustine, Florida, and every year, people come to bike and camp along the Florida sections of this famous route.

Even beyond the Southern Tier, the cycling in Florida is world-class. As you ride, you can enjoy beautiful views of the coastline and gently rolling green hills. The 100-mile bike trail loops around Madison County, and the Four Freedoms Trail connects Florida to its neighbor, Georgia.

3. Paddle through the Everglades 

An adult and baby crocodile in the water at Everglades National Park, Florida

Everglades National Park is the country's only subtropical preserve. This expansive swamp is teeming with wildlife, from gators to mangrove mazes. And you can get up close to at all by boat. 

Grab a fishing permit, a backcountry map, and go deep into the land of bugs, birds, and bizarre landscapes. If you want to stack a few days of boating in a row, you can camp at chickees (wooden platforms with roofs), beaches, or ground sites. Limit your luggage and bring a hammock for sleeping on a quiet and secluded beach. 

It's important to know what you're doing when it comes to boating in the Everglades, so as to not disturb wildlife, or get stuck on a sandbar. If you're inexperienced, but still wish to explore the swamps by boat, look into a guided tour


This is just a taste of the many outdoor adventures available to those who wish to explore Florida. If you find yourself camping after a day of adventure, be sure to add a campsite review on The Dyrt. You could win free camping gear from us and other great outdoor brands! 

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