Tomorrow is the Fall Equinox, which means that today is the last day of Summer. I know, it’s a sad day. But does it have to be? With the end of one season comes all the blessings of a new one. Yes, the beginning of Autumn means we are that much closer to Winter but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This new season has so many things to offer and Fall hammock camping is one of them.


Don’t believe us? Well here are 3 of the best parts about grabbing a hammock and enjoying the outdoors in Autumn.


Obviously! C’mon, if you don’t like watching the leaves change you might not have a pulse. Whether you’re in Arizona’s White Mountains or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, you can appreciate the beauty that comes with this incredible fall tradition. Here is a nation-wide leaf changing schedule so you can plan accordingly.

man sitting in a grove of trees in the fall, in front of a plaid hammock


The summer months are all about getting outside and enjoying the sun. But sometimes that life giving celestial being we love and cherish can become more of a burden than a blessing. When the heat finally breaks it can be such a relief, especially for those in the south. What’s better than snuggling up in a sleeping bag or next to the fire? Even though the air temperature is much more bearable the ground can get a bit chilly(plus it’s hard). So, obviously we recommend a big comfy hammock. It solves all your problems!

sleeping bag hammock hung between two trees

Less Bugs

Guess what else comes with those chilly fall temps? LESS BUGS! I’m going to guess the #1 thing that deters people from camping is the bugs. And who can blame them… gross! Heavily forested campsites are much more appealing in the fall, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab a hammock with a mosquito net attached. ;)

mosquito proof hammock hung on a mountain ridge

So what are you waiting for? Winter is coming… Sorry, I had to. But seriously, go. Get outside. Play in the newly fallen leaves and enjoy nature before you’re stuck inside until Spring.

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