Written by GT Ambassador: @tonyinspires

During this pandemic, working has been more stressful than normal, so every spare moment I have is spent outdoors. There is a large park with a lake near my home, so on this particular day, I rode my electric skateboard around the lake looking for my usual spots to hang out in my GrandTrunk hammock. Since this is earth month, this day was set aside by the local community to keep it clean. Seeing everyone come together made me realize the importance of keeping one of my favorite areas the way nature intended.

We all should have the same mindset everywhere we go, whether it’s at a local park, a national park, or the beach. We all should pitch in and keep our nature clean, not only for everyone to enjoy, but also in consideration of the wildlife. After contributing to my community, it made me appreciate my time off more, and the pride I now have in one of my favorite getaways. I love the outdoors and I love creating content by way of photography and videography. These hammocks are so lightweight and versatile, they go with me in my camera bag everywhere I go. Now when I’m hanging with GrandTrunk, I enjoy it more than ever!

Grand Trunk Staff