Hammocks have been increasingly popular with campers and backpackers. Nothing can ruin a camping trip more than a sleepless night on a hard, wet floor. You cannot beat a hammock for a cozy night sleep. It doesn’t only keep you off the ground and away from forest critters, but also allows you to camp almost anywhere. No need to search for a perfectly flat spot for your tent.  

There are a couple of elements to consider when choosing the perfect hammock:

1. Hammock Dimension

Length and Width – How wide would like your hammock to be? Depending on the brand, a Double hammock's dimension can range from a length of 8' to 10'6" and width of 5' to 6’6”, the larger the hammock the more extra space to move and get into a comfy diagonal laying position. 

man hammocking on a cliff overlooking the sea

Trying to shave down on weight? For the solo sleepers, going narrow is the best option. This is because if the hammock is too wide it could wrap around you and you might feel claustrophobic. Single hammocks are enough to stretch out and not make you feel like a mummy. 

2. Hammock Suspension Systems

In order to set up a hammock you will need a hammock suspension system and a pair of carabiners. Sometimes these are sold with the hammock or sometimes you have to order them separately. 

orange hammock straps

3. Hammock Weight Capacity

Hammocks do have weight limits so make sure you read the product specs before you buy it. It usually ranges from 150-500 pounds. Remember that jumping up and down your hammock treating it like a trampoline may shorten its life span.

4. More Features

Bug protection –

Sleep soundly and undisturbed with big protection. The Grand Trunk  Skeeter Beeter provides seamless hammock and netting protection all in one. The Double Hammock dimensions paired with a roomy mosquito net provide a comfortable shelter while you sleep under the stars.  

Looking to add some bug protection to a hammock you already have? There are lots of netting options like the Mozzy, a stand along bug protection system that can also provide protection to your gear or a furry friend with the durable floor.

hammock enclosed in a mosquito net

Tarps –

Rain is part of the adventure but it shouldn’t ruin it. Most hammock makers now offer weatherproof tarps or rainflys which are designed to protect campers from the rain. 

Life is the adventure. Let’s hit the road.

hammock covered by a rainfly


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