Written by Meredith Strodel of @hammockliving

With the start of a new year, we find ourselves making all sorts of resolutions. Maybe we want to eat healthier, exercise more, get out and take as many adventures as we can. As we close in on February, it is a great time to reconnect with those goals and start some planning. Looking back on a year full of awesome adventures, we wanted to share a list of "must-go" hammocking spots that you should add to your adventure wish list of 2016. 

Our Top 5 Hammocking Spots:


5) Havasupai –

We try to make this an annual trip and for good reason. It’s a beautiful spot 10 miles in only accessible by foot, donkey or helicopter. We’ve backpacked here several times and always love posting up in a hammock under the amazing waterfalls. 
man hammocking in front of a waterfall in Havasupai

4) Angeles National Forest -

 We hike up in the mountains near home all the time and some spots have just the best views of the entire city (and the ocean on a clear day!). 

3) Ibiza –

We can thank jet-lag for allowing us to experience a purely magical sunrise off the coast of Ibiza when visiting last summer. The hammock was the perfect spot to sit back and watch the day get its start. Another over-the-pond trip is definitely in order for 2016.
hammocking on the beach in Ibiza

2) Malibu –

It’s close to home – just a short drive up the PCH – and such a peaceful escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of LA. It will probably make it on every year’s list.

1) Yosemite Valley –

I know I said this list was in no particular order, but this is probably the top spot from 2015. We pulled into the Yosemite Valley just as the sun was setting. They don’t call it golden hour for nothing! We took in the glory of ol’ El Capitan from the comfort of the Grand Trunk and it was the most perfect end to a perfect day. 
hammocking in Yosemite Valley
What would you add to your dream hammocking spots for the new year? If you are like us, your list is probably growing exponentially, but narrowing it down to a doable number for the coming months might help achieve at least some of them! We’re excited for what’s in store for 2016! Happy hanging, friends!
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