camping checklist

Looking forward to a great camping trip?

Camping has always been a great way to keep ourselves immersed in nature. With the pandemic getting in our way, though, it's been harder for us to travel to the best camping spots, let alone enjoy the great outdoors. In time, though, we've adapted and even came up with camping safety tips amidst everything.

With everyone excited to go out on a camping trip, though, it can be easy to forget about the essentials. This is why we've put together this camping checklist for you to browse and prepare yourself with. Read on and check every box on the list before camping!

A Hammock

The first thing that should always be on your checklist is something to sleep on. While many people opt for tents coupled with air mattresses inside, it doesn't give you the true camping experience. The best way to get that experience is by sleeping with your eyes on the sky, counting the stars above you.

This is why it's better to grab a hammock, instead! This way, you'll be able to fully appreciate nature and everything that comes with it. What's great is that the hammock has an advantage over tents that most people don't realize.

They're easier to set up. All you need is two strong trees to support you and you're done! You can take a load off sooner and immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Does it look like it's going to rain? A quick solution will be to install a tarp over you. There's nothing that can stop you from enjoying your camping trip with only a hammock in tow.

The only possible issue here is the temperature that the night brings. Bringing along a hammock underquilt solves this problem easily, though.

When bringing a hammock, make sure to remember to bring strong trunk straps. These make sure that your hammock won't snap off any time while you're inside. Safety first as we say.

We care about your experience and your safety here at Grand Trunk. This is why we've produced the best hammock suspension truck strap to ensure nothing wrong happens on your trip, as long as you use it within the specifications with the right directions of use.

Camping Tools

You should never leave for your trip without these items in your camping trip checklist. These will allow you to ensure that you don't have a difficult time while you're outdoors. They also help in making your camping experience even more comfortable.

Tools such as a mallet can help in setting up your hammock or tent. You'll have an easier time pinning and securing them onto the trees or the ground with it.

A small ax or saw will make it easier for you to gather wood for your campfire. It's better that you bring along a folding version of these tools. This way, you can store them with ease and you're protected from the blade.

A small, folding shovel is also a good tool to bring along. You can flatten your desired camping area with no trouble with this item. It also helps you move around large numbers of rocks, gravel, or wood in an area to set up your campsite.

If you don't have enough space for these items, you should at least have a multi-tool with you. They help you with seemingly simple tasks that are impossible with your bare hands. Most multi-tools also help you in igniting fires.

Cookware and Utensils

Food in a camping trip always tends to lean on the more instant side of things. Canned goods, chips, and packed sugary treats are the most common ones you see, and likely find yourself tempted to get. If you want the true camping experience, though, discard them and prepare to stoke a roaring fire, instead.

This is because you'll be cooking your own meals from here on out. You'll need the proper materials, though, if you want to cook in the great outdoors. You should have at least a grill with you when you're going camping outdoors. Oh and don't forget the trail mix, which has a good mix of natural raw food sugars and fiber to complement.

If you're looking to make a nourishing stew, though, a cooking pot is best. You'll have trouble setting it steady on the campfire, though. This is why you should bring a stand along with you to hold your pot over the flames.

You should also remember to bring a water jug that's dedicated to cooking with you. Having a dedicated water source allows you to prepare a lot of the easiest camping foods around.

You also shouldn't forget to bring a sponge. You'll want your pans, grills, and dishes to be clean when you're packing them up.

A First Aid Kit

You should never forget to bring a first aid kit when you're traveling. No matter where you go, it's always useful to have items to help you survive any ordeal. This is even more important when you're out camping as there are tons of variables that can affect your safety.

When assembling a first aid kit for your camping trip, it's best to pack tons of adhesive bandages. There are a lot of ways for you to get a wound while you're outside, and a bandage is an effective way to close up any injury.

It's also best that you bring some antiseptic strips and creams along, too. There's no telling what kind of bacteria can get into your wounds. These can also help soothe any topical pain you're feeling on your trip.

If you're prone to having asthma attacks, consider bringing along some antihistamines, too. They'll go a long way in ensuring your allergic reactions don't get worse over time during your trip.

The kit should also have a couple of bottles of water inside it. It's better that you have extras with you than running out midway. You don't want to be stuck out there getting dehydrated, right?

You should also include a portable charging kit here. There's no telling whether you need it for an emergency. Bring a satellite phone, too, since smartphones are likely to not get signals here.

Personal Hygiene Products

You don't need to smell like a wild man/woman only because you'll be living outdoors for a couple of days. Bringing along some items for your personal hygiene is important to keep yourself from stinking up the place. Keeping yourself clean also has some unexpected effects on your mental health.

Toiletries are a basic necessity even if you're camping outdoors. Toothbrushes, hand soaps, hammock soap and toothpaste help keep you clean and minty fresh. Toilet paper is also something that most people forget before going camping!

For the ladies, don't forget to bring feminine pads along with you. You never know if your red days will strike you out of the blue. 

Bring a quick-dry towel, too. Use these to keep your feet and other extremities dry. Having wet limbs out in the wilderness is a surefire way for you to get hypothermia.

Lastly, you should pack some sanitizers for quick disinfection. Wet wipes and paper towels help you keep surfaces dry and sanitized during your trip. 


Exposing yourself to the sun is a great way to boost your vitamin D production. However, oversaturating yourself with sunlight can never be good for you. Breaking out the sunblock is the only way for you to enjoy the sun in safety.

You'll inevitably get exposed to the sun while you're traveling, hiking, or even cooking during your trip. Sunblock with high enough SPF levels helps regulate its effect on your skin. This way, you can enjoy as much sunlight as you want without having to worry about sunburns.

Insect Repellant

Among the most dangerous threats of the outdoors are the smallest ones. Insects can invade your space and spread unwanted diseases. Among them are mosquitos, which are the most common and dangerous of the bunch.

What's great is that there are tons of ways for you to beat mosquitos on your next camping trip. One way is by applying certain lotions and oils on your extremities. Your neck also needs protection as it's exposed and easy to target.

Spraying insect repellant all over your camp is another option if you don't have the patience to apply lotion all over yourself. These should keep them away for a good amount of time while you set up your campsite.

If you want a more eco-friendly option, though, light some candles, instead. There are tons of scented candles that repel insects. Lavender, in particular, is a bane to mosquitos and keeps them far from your camp.

You can also opt for non-chemical means. Getting yourself a bug net to surround you while you sleep is a great way to do this! All you need to do is set it up and you can snooze through the night without fear of bug bites!

Disposable Garbage Bags

You should also bring some disposable garbage bags with you. Use these to clean up after yourself when you're done camping. It's simply unforgivable if you leave your camping area in a state.

We're all nature lovers here, so we have to do our part to leave it as clean as it can be.

Complete This Camping Checklist and Have Fun!

There are endless amounts of fun and relaxation to get from camping. Don't compromise your trip by forgetting about the essentials, though! Check everything off on this camping checklist and make your way to the best camping spots today!

Browse our selection if you're looking for essentials to complete this simple camping checklist. Contact us here, too, for questions about your next outdoor adventure.