We live for the epic and want everyone to share in our love for adventure in a fun and safe environment. Before you go out and hang, we’ve got safety suggestions for first time hammockers and seasoned adventurers. 

  • When finding a place to hang, always choose two sturdy trees or anchor points that are 12 -17 feet apart. 
  • If you are hanging between trees, make sure they are able to hold your weight and are 6” in diameter. The bigger the better. 
  • Always check the area and your equipment before set up. Check your hammock for tears and weak spots in the fabric before use. Keeping your hammock clean and stored properly out of direct sunlight will lengthen the life of your hammock. 
  • Remove any rocks or hazards from the area beneath where you plan to hang. 
  • Hang no more than 18” above the ground on a level hammock. 
  • Always follow the capacity guidelines for your gear. Overloading your hammock could result in injury. 
  • We don’t recommend using hammocks in high winds. The lull from a slight breeze can be relaxing, but if the weather kicks up, it’s best to be grounded. 
  • Never stack hammocks.
  • When hanging with children, never leave those under 16 unattended. 
  • Keep your hammocks and gear away from open flame. 

No matter where the road takes you, always use your discretion when setting up your hammock.