Evolution 20 Down Sleeping Bag Hammock

$ 259.95

The Holy Grail of Hammock Camping!

Pack less with The Evolution 20 Down Sleeping Bag Hammock. The Evolution integrates a down sleeping bag with a hammock, truly a match made in heaven!

Integrated sleeping bag technology provides the perfect combination of relaxation and warmth. Don't worry about a sleeping bag bunching up, or dealing with an under/over quilt. This innovative product gives you range of motion while staying cozy in a blanket of comfort.

Hanging kit/straps are not included. Check out our amazing hammock suspension options.



  • RDS Certified 650+ down fill for a 20 degree rating
  • Integrated baffled insulation under-quilt to keep out the cold!
  • Weather-proof fabric for any adventure
  • Ultra-soft, breathable, and fast-drying for maximum comfort
  • YKK Zipper
  • Includes 2 lightweight aluminum carabiners
  • Includes compression sack and storage sack

Tech Specs:

  • Material: TrunkTech™ 40D Nylon Diamond RS 290 WR
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 126 x 66 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
B.H. (Logan, UT)

I bought two EVOLUTION 20 DOWN SLEEPING BAG HAMMOCKS. I am a long time hammock camper, but when I starting bringing my girl friend along, she wanted to be together in a tent for security. I convinced her to try a hammock...we were both warm and cozy and with two hammocks hung together with the ENO spreader bars she had the close proximity/security she was looking for. No cold spots. At 10,200 ft it got cold at night (~high 30s) and we were both toasty warm. We used two MOZZY LITE Hammock Bug nets and two ABRIGO RAIN FLY SHELTERS to create our little airborne home away from home. Set up was a breeze and carrying this gear was easier and lighter than bringing a tent, two sleeping bags, two sleeping pads etc...plus the comfort of a hammock is hands down a major win over a tent. All of Grand Trunk's stuff is awesome (I have 2 Mozzy Lites, Two Mozzy 360s, a skeeter beeter, two abrigos, and five double deluxe hammocks). Now my only wish (not a complaint, but rather a plea to Grand Trunk)....please, please combine the awesomeness of the EVOLUTION 20 DOWN SLEEPING BAG HAMMOCK with that of the SKEETER BEETER XT (and make it a double deluxe)!!!!! This will bring your guys into a position to take over the market...I would order 4-5 of them the first day they are available and sell all my other gear.

Dan Friesen (Halifax, NS)
Evolution 20 down hammock/sleeping bag

I love the evolution 20. It's so simple to set up without having the extra under quilt with its straps, etc., and it's great to feel so comfy in it while it's snowing outside.
Realistically, I can sleep Comfy with no cold spots at 0°C/30°F without a sleeping bag or a blanket inside, as long as I have my jeans, shirt, and a medium down jacket with hood on. Below that I would use a sleeping bag.
It seems well-made. Online you will find some concern about being able to see daylight at the two cross-hammock seams, which is true on mine as well, but I have no indication that it would actually come apart there. And they do have a lifetime warranty.
I would have preferred a colour like Superior Hammock has, but at three times the price, I couldn't justify it. One thing they could introduce in the future would be a zipper on bug net, even if it was just a half type, but I haven't crossed that bridge yet because I'm still camping in the snow.
It's very light at 4.2 pounds and comes with a great stuff bag, reducing the size a lot more than one would expect. Great for the backpack.
The down in it will be compressed when you first get it out of your parcel, but give it a shake or two and leave it out for a few minutes, and it will expand greatly to fill the compartments.
I hang it with the daisy chain straps and carabiner clips. Really quick set up. Really like it! Feels more comfy than my own bed!

Fantastic sleep system.....

Finally broke ours in New Years Eve 23/24. Wow! 40° and toasty! I am pleasantly surprised at the comfort. We set ours up in tandem using Spreader Bars, not sure I like this setup as she gets up to pee every 15 minutes and puts me almost on the ground. 😂
Overall, I'm very pleased with this hammock. I still have to try the synthetic version, but I'm sure it will be just as awesome.
This puts ne at two MOABs, two Down Evolutions, one Synthetic Evolution. I just need to find a better tarp system. The Abrigo doesn't give enough coverage for tandem hammocks.
Next GT purchase? The Mozzy 360 bugnet shelter x2.

Erick T (Charlotte, NC)
Where has this been my whole life?!?!

The evolution 20 exceeded all expectation. This thing is absolutely awesome, and at a great price. So warm and cozy, and makes setting up hammock camp so much simpler than the underquilt systems I have used in the past. If you love hammock camping, do yourself a favor and add this to your equipment checklist!

Matthew Walz (Jacksonville, AL)
Game changer

Evolution 20 Down
I have done a lot of camping, both tent and hammock camping. I have been searching for the perfect sleep while camping and until now everything has been coming up short. I was just in Hico, West Virginia for 4 nights of camping. It was in the 50s the 1st night and then down into the low 30s last three of the nights. This hammock was perfect. Unzipped I was comfortable the first night and zipped up I never felt the cold the other 3 nights. I was as comfortable as sleeping in a bed in a climate controlled house. I am so happy I found out about this hammock, it is the best piece of camping gear I have ever had.