Evolution 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag Hammock

$ 229.95

The innovative Evolution Sleeping Bag Hammock integrates sleeping bag technology into a hammock—omitting a need for underquilts/overquilts. Get cozy in the Evolution 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag Hammock!

Hanging kit/straps are not included. Check out our amazing hammock suspension options.



  • Synthetic fill for a 20 degree rating
  • Integrated baffled insulation under-quilt to keep out the cold!
  • Weather-proof fabric for any adventure
  • YKK Zipper
  • Includes 2 lightweight aluminum carabiners
  • Includes compression sack and storage sack

Tech Specs:

  • Material: 40D Nylon Diamond RS 290 WR
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 20 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 126 x 66 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A Scottish Customer (London, ENG)
Perfect for a cool coastal Scottish summer!

Having purchased two Grand Trunk hammocks and hammock frame, I found them to all work perfectly, however, the East coast of Scotland is notorious for its cool onshore breezes even in "summer", making additional insulation essential. After five years of using travel rugs, travel cushions and sleeping bags with my GT hammocks, I discovered that Grand Trunk had designed a sleeping bag hammock and hammock pillow so I ordered both. After paying £112 in duty, due to the lack of a USA-UK trade agreement, the box was duly delivered after a transit of about 14 days which was pretty good. The items were safely packaged in the transit box and the sleeping bag hammock was in its own transit pack with cinch-able plastic buckles but there was also a mesh bag to allow the item to breathe when not on the move - a very useful inclusion. Furthermore, the item came with two snap carabineers which could have been clipped directly to my GT hammock frame, but I used some GT hammock straps from an earlier purchase. The hammock pillow also arrived in an integral transit pouch and was easy to deploy to the correct position inside the hammock's hood. The sleeping bag hammock when opened out has a 'head end' and 'foot end' so work out which way you want to face before deploying the hammock. That done, I just sat inside the edge of the hammock and slid my legs into the zipped open sleeping bag, after a couple minutes I was toasty in ambient temperature of 15C, which is quite typical for a Scottish "summer" hereabouts! This sleeping bag hammock is perfect for daytime hammocking in cool temperate latitudes where sunny days are often accompanied by chilling winds; consequently, I can Highly Recommended this item for this type of location and purpose.

G.F. (Lillesand, 42)
Most comfortable flat lay I've had in a while. Awesome if it holds up in here in the north!

So long story short, the free international shipping took forever. Like 1 month forever. And import taxes were freaking expensive, like over 100$! But that is because of Norway.
The product is very much as described though! It feels like quality and I was positively surprised by the ability to sleep asymmetrical for a flat lay, that is awesome! Especially since I'm a really big guy. I've had it out two times since it arrives and both night got down to about -6*C. It wasn't overly warm but this was about pushing the product to its limit and it really delivered. I really had a good night sleep in this. I also purchased the siesta hammock pillow and that worked great with this hammock.

So thank you Grand Trunk for this great product and I hope I never have to use that lifetime guarantee.

Ludwig (North Vancouver, BC)
Best sleeping I've had while camping

Decided to bring this snow camping as a first trial. None of the people I was with believed me when I said I was going to spend the night in this without a sleeping bag. They all chose to sleep in their cars. It got to around -5*C over night and snowed 4inches. I ended up being the warmest out of anyone, without a single ache or pain.
I can't praise this hammock enough, it's the quiver killer for camping.
Ditch your ground mat, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and tent for this beauty and the abigo rainfall.

Laura Waddell (Florence, SC)
Super warm and comfy hammock

Love this hammock. Camped in 37 degree temperatures. Brought a blanket for extra warmth but didn’t need it at all. This hammock is warm and comfortable.

Cole Ruff
Bigger and more thought out than expected.

So first it was a Christmas present that got lost in the mail. Grand trunk pulled their magic and a replacement arrived before Christmas. The cold snap that came through ended up making me give it as an early present for my six year old. In his excitement I left my hammock and my five year olds hammock. So me, a six year old son and five year old daughter all slept in the hammock together. Was it a little I’m comfortable? Yes. But were we miserable? No. I was really impressed. The next night I went home and got the missing hammocks and under quilts. Much better sleep for one. It was a great purchase. Literally no complaints. Except I miss the attached stuff sack. The one it would need would be huge. But I miss the smaller normal on one some brands so I can put things in it for bed. Water battle. Glasses. Chapstick. Random stuff. That was the only thing I really wish would be added. I sew so I’ll sew one if my son lets me use it again. He loves it!